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by L Jtan posted Apr 30 2015 10:18AM
If you think the Woodrow Wilson drawbridge over the Potomac is scary, this one in Japan could leave you looking for someone else to drive your car over.
Except the Eshima Oashi does not have a drawbridge at all, but looks more like a rollercoaster. It's built to let ships pass underneath, with a steep drop and turns for over a mile long. It still doesn't take the scariest title though. That goes to the the Sidhue River Bridge in China, at 1,509, it's the tallest in the world.
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by L Jtan posted Apr 30 2015 8:18AM
Cat lovers will unite in Los Angles for a two day event next month that they many have only dreamt of in teh past.
CatConLA,  billed as Comic-Con for cat people, is June 6th and 7th. There will be tons of lots of cat merchandise, costumes, cat-related jewelry, art and even furniture. No word yet if the famous Grumpy Cat, whose Mom lives nearby, will make an appearance.  
by L Jtan posted Apr 21 2015 6:28AM
You may have heard the old saying "a penny saved is a penny earned," but many people are not following that rule at Virginia airports.
An annual TSA report shows more than $33,000 in coins went unclaimed at airport checkpoints, the most at Dulles International. It's typically left behind in bins where we place our belongings during screenings. The TSA is suggesting that you store loose change in carry-on bags, instead of your pockets.
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by L Jtan posted Apr 20 2015 9:40AM

If you have had a baby, you know how expensive it can be, especially for diapers. A Brooklyn sure found out and took matter into his own hands, allegedly switched price tags on them to 99cents and then going through a grocery store self check out. 
Local media there has dubbed him "Diaper Don." he managed to get away with thousands of dollars in diapers. The young father told police he was keeping some for his own family and selling the rest on the street.

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by L Jtan posted Apr 16 2015 8:05AM
Does your cat ever make noises you don't understand?
The head of the San Diego Humane Society is here to help with a new book..."How to Speak Cat." Dr. Gary Weitzman says the frisky felines make 16 different meow sounds but don'tusually use them to communicate with other cats. They learn people when will feed them, let them out or pet them when they meow. To talk to other cats though, he says they use blinking or a flick of their tails. 
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