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"Numbeez" App Gives Your a Personal Superbowl Ticker

by Deirdre Blake posted Jan 30 2014 8:18AM
If you're ready for this weekend's big game and like numbers... you'll love an App to keep the most current digits flowing in.
If you wonder how many times Peyton Manning has yelled "Omaha" or the record for the longest Super Bowl National Anthem performance, you can get the stats. The Numbeez APP, that's N-u-m-b-e-e-z gives you a feed with only numbers that you want. It's sort of like your own personal ticker and you can add info too, since the numbers are user generated.  
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Topics : Human Interest
People : Peyton Manning
01/30/2014 8:18AM
"Numbeez" App Gives Your a Personal Superbowl Ticker
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