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"Snap-n-Pops" Injure Elementary School Student

by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 26 2012 4:08PM
After a student at a Prince William County elementary school is injured by "party snaps," also called "snap-n-pops," the Fire Marshall's Office is sending a warning to parents.
The white twisted papers are popular around the Fourth of July and flash and pop when they are thrown to the ground. They are considered small flammable firecrackers. 
The Prince William student was hurt after another student brought some of them to school and a warning note is being sent home to parents. The "party snaps" are not a toy, are recommended for adult supervision and should never be given to children under the age of ten.
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04/26/2012 4:08PM
"Snap-n-Pops" Injure Elementary School Student
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