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ACLU Speaks Out on More Officers in Virginia Schools

by Deirdre Blake posted Feb 1 2013 7:38PM
Budget plans are being unveiled by the Virginia House and Senate over the weekend, so where will the talks about more security in schools fit in? 
Measures to increase police presence have failed in the Senate week, but one is still alive in the House. American Civil Liberties Union Director Claire Gustanaga is concerned on the role they might play. "We need to get back to thinking about kids as kids and disciplining them as to what makes sense, not turning every child into a criminal because there happens to be a school resource officer or a police officer on the campus." She says childrens' safety is important, but it needs to be done the right way.
Gustanaga says it is critical that school staff, not school resource officers are in charge of discipline. The ACLU fears that schools are being turned into a pipeline to the prison system. The worry that more surveillance and metal detectors also could lead to an infringment on civil rights, says Gastanaga. She also worries the officers could get too involved on the disciplinary side and lose focus on outside school threats.
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02/01/2013 7:38PM
ACLU Speaks Out on More Officers in Virginia Schools
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