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My Dad was in radio, by age ten I was spending all of my Saturdays hanging out with him in the production room.

 I've been on-air all over the country and am happy to now call Fredericksburg, VA home.

It's now my job to let you know every day from 2-7 how long it will take you to get home along with playing some great country music.

Trevor Carey 



by Trevor Carey posted Feb 18 2014 1:53PM
I'm becoming more and more of a chick flick movie watcher because movies targeted at guys are so unrealistic. Why is it that the 30 guards hired to defend the cocaine cartel mansion; mind you armed with automatic machine guns, are always taken down by three good guys? The plot works, but make it more like how it would happen in real life. It drives me crazy to see guys trained in defense just run out in the open and get blasted, while the good guys survive a hail of high-powered cartel return fire by tucking and rolling across the room. At least chick flicks are more realistic. I agree Thomas Rhett.

Thomas Rhett Admits: “I’m a Big Chick Flick Kind of Guy”

Posted via Zocle
02/18/2014 1:53PM
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