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Another Flesh Eating Infection from the Potomac River

by Deirdre Blake posted Aug 20 2014 6:09AM
Another local case of FLESH EATING BACTERIA in the Potomac River!!
This time a Stafford man, Steven Strong, got cut when he slipped getting out of his canoe at Aquia Creek. He was on a return trip home after a sunset paddle. To make matter worse, he was already going through chemotherapy to treat cancer. The FDA says an aeromonas hydrophila bacteria got in and caused his leg infection. It is always present in freshwater environments and can be found in brackish water, like the Potomac. Strong
 had surgery to have some flesh removed and is recovering on antibiotics.
Another man, that got cut on a deck nail in the water in Callao, in the Potomac this summer, got the vibrio strain. That same bacteria prompted a warning on Florida beaches, this month, from Jacksonville to the Panhandle, and has infected 32 people.

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08/20/2014 6:10AM
Another Flesh Eating Infection from the Potomac River
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