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Another Gun Fired into an Apartment in Fredericksburg

by Deirdre Blake posted Oct 17 2012 3:33PM
For the second time in less than three weeks, a dangerous situation happens in Fredericksburg involving gun owners. 
Police Spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe says both men involved face felony and misdemeanor charges, but beyond that is the responsibility to not endanger their neighbors.
The first incident was on September 29th, where a neighbor found a bullet hole in the floor the morning after it was fired. The latest report in October 16th. The five year old son of Alexander Fergason's neighbor found a bullet hole in his dresser. In that case, three young children were in the apartment and Bledsoe says 25 year old Furgason did not go check to see if everyone was okay. 
There are no injuries reported in either case, but Bledsoe says gun owners have to be responsible. They should make sure that guns are stored unloaded until ready to use and that it is clear of ammunition before cleaning. It should always be pointed in a safe direction and a finger should be off the trigger until it is time to be fired.
Even if a gun is not in the home, children should be educated that they are not toys and if they find a weapon to contact a trusted adult.
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10/17/2012 3:34PM
Another Gun Fired into an Apartment in Fredericksburg
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