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It's hard to believe I'm back where it all started! I grew up in Northern Virginia and began my broadcast career at WFLS more than 14 years ago.

Jessica Cash
Yes, I really am a farmer’s daughter.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Paynesville, Minnesota.  I have had an opportunity to live and explore some great cities, thanks to radio.


Are you smart enough to help?

by Jessica Cash posted Mar 26 2014 7:43AM
Is your child's homework to hard for you, or are you good at helping them?
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03/26/2014 7:43AM
Are you smart enough to help?
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03/26/2014 9:09AM
Yes and you can too
First off the problem is the children bring home the homework, but not the book. If you have the book or a copy of the book and follow along each night to see what your child is working on then you will be up to speed. Some school have the book online for parents and students to use at home. This "new" division is suppose to make it easier to get to the long division we learn, so our division is not incorrect. Personally, I think the new easier one is more complicated. One of my daughters and my son jump to the long division better, middle daughter did better easing in with first the "new" division. Second, easier now for parents to help with homework check out sites online. I know there is a free math site my son's algebra teacher gave parents three site to get homework help. If parent watches a similar problem worked through online, then they should be able to figure it out to help or student may be able to remember what the teacher showed in class. The last ditch effort is the number of on line tutors available online. Now these my cost some but the are a lot cheaper than the tutor that comes to your house to help. I am lucky my son is now in algebra 2 and this is something I know. I hope some of these ideas help you. Don't worry Steve you don't have to take a class just learn with your future kids. ~~Mona
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