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Be Ready for Holiday Weekend Travel

by Deirdre Blake posted May 22 2014 9:33AM
It's probably common sense to most of us, but make sure your house is ready before you travel. Lock all your doors and windowns, turn on any alarms and make it look lived in. Lights with timers inside and out are smart, along with having someone move the cars around and putting your mail or paper on hold.
Before you pull out of the driveway for this holiday weekend, make sure your car's ready. Top off all the fluids and test your tire's air pressure. AAA responds to the most calls for flat tires and cars overheated. It doesn't have to be super expensive either. Lots of local mechanics and places like Jiffy Lube will check things out when you get an oil change.
You're still gonna see lots of cars on the road this weekend, but you'll get a little break from construction and maintenance work. On most roads, it's being stopped at noon tomorrow through noon next Tuesday. Triple A says over 31 million people are expected to drive to their weekend holiday and that the most in a decade. Get a list of wrecks, delays and travel times by calling 511 from your cell or checking the 511 Virginia website.
Even though all those people will be on the roads this weekend, don't think that will help you too much at Virginia airports. AAA says almost three people will be flying, up over two percent from last year. Prepare for some lines at TSA checkpoints, but know before you go. Follow the 311 rule for liquids and gels and download the My TSA mobile App. You can ask questions about what you can pack and what to do at the airport.
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05/22/2014 9:34AM
Be Ready for Holiday Weekend Travel
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