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Steve Waters
It's hard to believe I'm back where it all started! I grew up in Northern Virginia and began my broadcast career at WFLS more than 14 years ago.

Jessica Cash
Yes, I really am a farmer’s daughter.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Paynesville, Minnesota.  I have had an opportunity to live and explore some great cities, thanks to radio.


Beware of Dangerous Dogs Around the Burg'

by Deirdre Blake posted May 14 2013 6:29PM
This time of year more dogs are around and not always with their owner. If you see a dog running loose, look for warning signs of aggressive behavior. If you are ever cornered, first and foremost, do not panic.
Never run because that could trigger the dog to chase you. Stay put and try to talk to the pooch in a calming voice. You may look at it, but never stare. Face the dog or turn to the side to let it know you are not a threat, but never turn your back on one.
Dr. Pamela Reid with the ASPCA says before you try to pet any dog that is with an owner, ask if it is safe first. 
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05/28/2013 6:40AM
Beware of Dangerous Dogs Around the Burg'
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