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I take over as soon as Jeff Beck is done.  My show is filled with Today's New Country, giveaways and important local information that you need to know.  I'm your hometown girl!  I grew up and I still live in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area.  I went to Lee Hill Elementary, John J Wright Middle and graduated from Courtland High School in 1997.  I know this area the best!  I will keep you informed with all the traffic for your ride home and play you all of Today's New Country!

Send me e-mail at or call me on the studio line at 373-5670.
Posts from January 2014
by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 31 2014 11:34AM
Steve and Jessica announced this morning that Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Farr are coming to Nationals Park in DC this summer! 

Save the date:  Saturday, July 26th

Tickets don't go on sale until next Friday, February 7th at 10am.

But win your tickets all next week on 93.3, WFLS!  Listen in the Mornings and Afternoons to win your tickets!
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 30 2014 9:26AM
Do you watch 'The Walking Dead"?  I'm a huge fan and I can't wait for the Mid-Season Premiere of Season 4 to start back up again.  Let the countdown begin.  We have10 days!!!!   A few days ago, some friends of mine here at WFLS surprised me a poster of my favorite character from ‘The Walking Dead’.  It's of Daryl Dixon!
Have you seen the promo for the premiere?  Click here to watch!
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 29 2014 10:33AM
I went to Medifast Weight Control Centers yesterday, in Central Park and weighed in with my counselor, Betty.  We also took my measurements to compare them with my first ones I took several weeks ago.  I am happy to tell you that after 5 weeks, I am down 17.2 pounds and 7.75 inches total.  How great is that?  You can do it too!!!  Call Medifast today at 888-399-TRIM!  And don't forget to tell them that Bonnie Miller from WFLS sent you.

*Note:  Results vary.  Check with you doctor first before starting any weight-loss program.
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 28 2014 9:32AM
So, yesterday a friend of mine posted a link to this whale on facebook.  I had to share it with you.  Just click the link below and then move your mouse around on the computer screen and the whale will follow you around.  How cool is that?

by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 27 2014 10:30AM
Did you see the Grammys last night?  Taylor Swift was nominated for Album of the year last night at the Grammys.  However, right before the winner was called she is shown prematurely excited about winning but actually did not win.  She lost to Daft Punk.  The people surrounding Taylor have a pretty funny reaction too.  Maybe next year Taylor?

Check out the reaction here.
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 23 2014 10:34AM
This morning, when I walked into my kitchen I saw this icicle hanging off my back door.  Isn't that crazy?  
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 22 2014 8:50AM
Yesterday, I stopped by Medifast in Central Park and got weighed.  I was down 4.6 pounds.  So, in 4 weeks, I've loss a total of 15.8 pounds.  Medifast works!!!  I then talked with Betty my Medifast Counselor.  Betty was just as excited as I was with my success for the week.  While I was there I picked up my food for the week. I got the cereal, crackers, shakes, caramel bars, peanut butter bars and of course that yummy brownie bake.  Medifast is so easy to stick to.  If you want to lose should join me with losing the weight with Medifast Weight Control Centers.  Call 888-399-TRIM and tell Medifast that Bonnie Miller from WFLS sent you.

*Note:  Results Vary.  Check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program.
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 21 2014 11:46AM
A few years ago, I remember when we got some good snow.  Thank goodness we had a snow blower.  If you look closely at the picture you can see the snow blower sitting on my front porch.  My husband, cleaned off our driveway/sidewalks and the neighbors with the snow blower.  It came in handy!  

It's snowing right now and we're supposed to get anywhere from 3 to 6 inches.  I hope we get enough to make things pretty but I am not a snow person.  haha  

How much snow do you think we're going to get?
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 20 2014 9:27AM
If you're not doing anything today, be sure to stop by and see all the wonderful canned art displays at the Spotsylvania Towne Centre.  All proceeds and donations from Canstruction will benefit the Fredericskburg Area Food Bank.
by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 17 2014 9:43AM
Bao Bao, who is almost 5 months will make her debut to the public tomorrow at the National Zoo in Washington, DC from 8am till 4:30pm.  Expect large crowds who want to visit this adorable little bear.  Visit the Zoo Website here.  
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 16 2014 10:44AM
I'll be filling in for Steve and Jessica again tomorrow morning while they are in Memphis at the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.  They will be back for you on Monday. 
Make sure you are listening tomorrow morning at 7:20am.  It's the biggest concert announcement that I know you've been waiting for.  That's right, the Megaticket lineup for Jiffy Lube Live will be announced to you tomorrow morning at 7:20am on 93.3, WFLS!
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 15 2014 11:31AM
I told you last week about the clementine seeds I found in a clementine.  I did some research online and found that you can actually plant the seeds.  I planted them over the weekend.  I used an egg crate to start the seeds in.  I planted the seeds in citrus soil and then after watering each one I covered with a ziploc bag.  It's currently sitting in my kitchen window sill.  It's day 3 and there are no visible sprouts yet.  I will keep you posted!  :)
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 14 2014 11:04AM
3 weeks ago, I joined Medifast Weight Control Centers!  I checked in at the Central Park location with Amber this morning.  I got on the scale and I am down a total of 11.2 pounds!!!!  How awesome is that?  Let's lose weight together with Medifast Weight Control Centers!  Call now at 888-399-TRIM!

Note:  Check with you doctor before starting any weight loss program.  Results Vary! 
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 13 2014 12:53PM
If you like Carrie Underwood and Nail Polish then check out the Nicole Opi nail polish inspired by Carrie.  I found out about it from here.

Here's the polish color names with descriptions:

Carrie’d Away
Carrie’s own gold record signature shade.

Lips are Dripping Honey
This multi-gold glitter is sweet on you.

Southern Charm
Frankly my dear, this nude shade looks charming on you.

Sweet Daisy
A bouquet of southern peach blossoms.

Carnival Cotton Candy
This spun sugar pink is all about fun.

Goodbye Shoes
Hit the road, but leave me this standalone gray-green.

Backstage Pass
I want access to this brown with purple nuances.

Sing You Like a Bee
Put some of this frosty ice on that, honey!

Party Bus
Celebrate on-the-go with this party-perfect confetti glitter.

Love My Pups
Let’s “paws” for this adorably sweet pink.

Color Me Country
This soul-ful hot pink makes me want to sing.

Some Hearts
You can’t beat this romantic coral dream.

American as Apple Pie
Tradition runs deep in this classic red.

I think I need them all!  :)

by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 10 2014 10:52AM
Yesterday, I talked a little about container gardening.  I mentioned, I had a lemon tree.  This is a small lemon tree.  I found it at Lowes in Central Park back in August.  It had a big green lemon on it that hadn't turned yellow yet.  It was on the clearance rack so I got it for a few bucks.  I gave it some TLC and repotted it and it's doing wonderful.  That 1 lemon finally ripened and I put it in some lemonade.  Because it's been so cold here I have my lemon tree in my basement sitting in a sunny spot.  There's 4 small lemons on it.  I can't wait until they get big and ripen.  :)  Then I'll have to think of something creative to make with them.
by Bonnie Miller posted Jan 9 2014 12:00PM
I don't know about you but I love to grow foods from seeds and watch them grow and know that I did that.  I do container gardening and last year was awesome!!  I grew bell peppers, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, lemons, potatoes, flowers, and pumpkins all in containers.  I had a successful bounty of foods that I had too much and I brought some veggies into work to share.  Currently, I have a lemon tree with 4 lemons growing in my basement to keep it out of the cold.  My next venture:  Grow Clementines from Seeds.  Clementines are all over stores right now.  They are one of my favorite go to snacks.  The other day, I came across 4 seeds and I immediately googled to see if it was possible to even grow them.  Sure enough it is!  You just need some citrus soil (which I already have from my lemon tree), water and some TLC.  I'm planning on planting them this weekend.  I'll keep you updated!  

What type of foods do you like gardening?  Are you already thinking about Spring planting?

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