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I take over as soon as Jeff Beck is done.  My show is filled with Today's New Country, giveaways and important local information that you need to know.  I'm your hometown girl!  I grew up and I still live in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area.  I went to Lee Hill Elementary, John J Wright Middle and graduated from Courtland High School in 1997.  I know this area the best!  I will keep you informed with all the traffic for your ride home and play you all of Today's New Country!

Send me e-mail at or call me on the studio line at 373-5670.
Posts from February 2014
by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 28 2014 10:23AM
If you ever drive on Rt. 2 in Spotsylvania, you know of the Railroad Crossing that is right after the Fairgrounds by the Fasmart.  Right?  Well, as I was approching the Railroad Crossing a few days ago I saw the lights on the crossing turn red.  Obviously, I stopped and a train came through very slowly.  I've lived in this area my whole life and I've only ever seen a train here maybe 3 times. haha  It's so weird when a train is seen at this crossing because it just doesn't happen that often.
by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 27 2014 11:56AM
Today and tomorrow WFLS is hosting a Radiothon for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  Do a good deed today and become a partner in hope.  Call us at 800-335-9793 and make your pledge to $20 a month.
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by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 26 2014 8:50AM
Yesterday, I stopped over at Medifast Weight Control Centers to weigh in, talk to my counselor with Betty and pick up my Medifast food for the week.  It's now been 9 weeks and I've lost a total of 23.6 pounds!  Have you thought about losing weight but aren't sure where to go?  Stop by Medifast Weight Control Centers and check it out.  They are in Central Park right next to the Lifeway Christan Store.  Don't forget to them that Bonnie from WFLS sent you there.

Note:  Results vary.  Check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program. 
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by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 24 2014 12:11PM
On Friday afternoon, when I was watering my seedlings I noticed sprouts!!!!  And sprouts have been growing and growing all weekend.  It's exciting!  Can you tell how happy I am?  haha  So far, I have Marigolds, Peas, Sunflowers and Poppies.  :)
by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 21 2014 11:46AM
So there's this creepy Halloween monster that typically stays in the prize closet until Halloween but sometimes finds a way out to try to scare people.  The little monster has been making his way around the building.  He was sitting under a desk trying to scare someone and then he was moved to a chair in the jock corral where DJ's sit to do show prep.  Yesterday, someone thought it would be funny to stick the monster in their office window to scare passerbys.  Isn't this thing hideous?  We have to keep ourselves entertained around here right?  And yes, he's still sitting in the window and yes people are getting startled by him.  haha
by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 20 2014 10:01AM
Remember the seed packets I bought from the Dollar Tree in Central Park?  Well this past Sunday, I started my seeds in little pots.  (I got them all at the Dollar Tree too)  The pots are all sitting in a nice sunny window in my living roomand once they get growing and when it's warm enough they will be put outside.  :)  I can't wait to see the seeds start sprouting!
by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 19 2014 9:42AM
I received the cutest little card in the mail yesterday.  It was a Valentine's Day card from my niece, Ellie.  She is is 9 months old.  How adorable is this card?  It's of her handprints.  It definitely made me smile.  :) 
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by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 18 2014 9:10AM
So, we did get some sort of wintery mix overnight.  As I went to leave for work I saw that my car and driveway was covered in these little sleet/snow pellets.  My first thought as I was cleaning off the car was that they looked like little dippin dots ice cream balls.  It was cool.  When I talked to Steve and Deirdre they had thought the same thing.  :)
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by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 17 2014 1:49PM
I bought this a little terra cotta pot from the Target at Cosner Corner a few weeks ago.  It was in the dollar spot.  It came with a pack of Chinese Forget-Me-Not seeds.  There was also another one that had Strawberries.  I stuck withthe flowers.  I planted it about a week ago and I have sprouts already. I can't wait to see this plant blossum into beautiful flowers.  
by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 14 2014 9:30AM
Last week, I stopped into the Central Park, Dollar Tree Store.  Lo and behold, I was excited to see seed packets were in stock.  I got there too late last year to check them out so I was happy to see them this year.  There's a huge selction of veggie seeds and flower seeds for you garden.  Make sure you walk around because there are several seed displays and other gardening supplies.  I picked up about 12 packs of various seeds.  They are only 4 for $1 or .25 cents each.  That's what I call a bargain!  :)  I'm planning on starting some of my seedlings in a few weeks.  I'll start them inside and not put them outside until after the last frost.  What types of things are you planning on growing this year?
by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 13 2014 10:31AM
Well we sure did get snow.  One of my neighbors measured the snow and said we got about 10 far.  There is still supposed to be some more snow this afternoon.  I don't know about you but I'm ready for SPRING!  (Just 34 days away)  This is the first time in my radio career that I've never been able to go into work.  But yey for snow days!!  I'm keeping warm with my kitty on my lap while my husband is outside cleaning the driveway and sidewalks with our snowblower.  :)
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by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 12 2014 8:55AM
I went over to Medifast Weight Control Centers in Central Park yesterday and weighed in with my counselor Amber.  I've now lost 20.8 pounds in just 7 weeks!  Is'nt that terrific?  

If you're thinking about losingweight go ahead and call Medifast Weight Control Centers!

Call 888-399-TRIM!

Note:  Results Vary!  Always check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program.
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by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 11 2014 9:29AM
Have you been watching the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?  It's always amazing seeing these athletes perfom and seeing all their energy.  Last night, my husband and I watched the Teams USA- Women's Hockey game against Switzerland.  Team USA won the game 9 to nothing!!!  The best part of the game was when these ladies scored 3 goals in just 55 seconds.  It was an OMG moment for sure and so exciting to see happen.

The Women's Team USA will play again Wednesday night against Canada.  The Men's Team USA will play their first hockey game of the Olympics against Slovakia on Thursday night.

Get all your Olympic news here.
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by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 10 2014 10:12AM
Something cool that I saw over the weekend is the Hollywood Costume Exhibit down in Richmond at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  It's the most iconic costumes from a century of cinema.  Clothes you will see was all worn by unforgettable and beloved characters in films such as 'The Wizard of Oz', 'The Birds', 'Rocky', 'Kill Bill', 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince', 'Superman', 'Spiderman', 'Matrix', 'Seven Year Itch'.....oh the list goes on and on.  This upcoming weekend is your last chance to check it out before the exhibit closes.  Go to for ticket info.
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by Bonnie Miller posted Feb 3 2014 2:23PM
This week I'm on a staycation.  You know a vacation where you do nothing at all.  If I want to stay in my jammies all day I can.  haha  :)  I plan on getting things organized around my house and of course I plan on taking daytrips here and there.  I'll be back on Monday, February 10th!  Have a great week!!!
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