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I take over as soon as Jeff Beck is done.  My show is filled with Today's New Country, giveaways and important local information that you need to know.  I'm your hometown girl!  I grew up and I still live in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area.  I went to Lee Hill Elementary, John J Wright Middle and graduated from Courtland High School in 1997.  I know this area the best!  I will keep you informed with all the traffic for your ride home and play you all of Today's New Country!

Send me e-mail at or call me on the studio line at 373-5670.
Posts from June 2014
by Bonnie Miller posted Jun 27 2014 1:44PM
Are you a cat lover?  Well then, I'm sharing a picture of my cat, Harley helping do the dishes.  :)

Happy Friday!!  I hope you have a great weekend!
by Bonnie Miller posted Jun 26 2014 1:46PM
Be sure to turn your volume up on this.  To play this game, just move your mouse around and find the hiding cow.  Or you can switch and try to find a goat.  

Click here to play.
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jun 25 2014 11:52AM
I came across this fun new game.  It's called GeoGuessr!  Basically, you are dropped off in a random location somewhere in the world and you have to figure out where you are.  It's the google street view.  You go up and down the road and look at your surroundings and then guess where in the world are you.  It's nice when there's road signs, businesses, cars or people because that gives you clues on where you might be.  It's a little addicting.  And it's fun to see how close you get to the actual location.

Give it a try here.
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by Bonnie Miller posted Jun 24 2014 1:55PM
Have you ever wondered how many people are up in space floating around at any given moment?  

Well this website tells you how many people are in space, their name, country and how long they have been up in space.  Check it out!
by Bonnie Miller posted Jun 23 2014 12:24PM
How is your garden doing?  This past Friday, I dumped over my potato plant to see how many red potatoes I had.  You know the potatoes are ready when the potato plant has died.  I had 12 red potatoes in total!  It was exciting to dig around looking for the potatoes!  I grew my potatoes from some eyes that had grown on a little red potato.  I cut the eyes off and planted them and after 104 days I had potatoes.  

What kinds of fruits and veggies have you been harvesting?
by Bonnie Miller posted Jun 20 2014 11:43AM
Have you heard the new one from Miranda and Carrie yet?  It's called "Somethin' Bad" and it's a great song.  Both of these young ladies do a great job singing together.  The voices blend beautifully.  I have to say I'm really loving this song right now!  I get why Miranda bought Carrie a Motorcylce as a thank you.  This song is a hit!

Have you heard it yet?  Keep listening to 93.3, WFLS to hear it.

Or hear the song here.
by Bonnie Miller posted Jun 19 2014 11:29AM
Taylor Swift posted on her instagram page yesterday of a picture of her new adobable kitten.  The kitten is named 'Olivia Benson' after a character on "Law & Order - SVU".  
So cute right?

Oliva will fit right in with Taylor's other cat, Meredith
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