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by L Jtan posted Nov 18 2014 9:04AM
There are big screens, huge screens and then there's the megascreen. What's billed as Times Square's biggest and most expensive digital billboard is set to light up in New York City tonight. The megascreen is a block long and eight stories tall. The New York Times reports the megascreen has 24 million pixels, giving it better resolution than a top-of-the-line HDTV. Advertisers will pay more than two and a-half million bucks for four weeks of megascreen time.
by L Jtan posted Nov 18 2014 7:46AM
We've heard that a dog is a man's best friend and one from Texas, named Buddy, goes the extra mile to prove it.
A ranch hand had to call 911 when the owner of it started to feel dizzy. Crews loaded 85 year old rancher J.R. Nicholson and headed to the hospital. Then somebody in another car flagged down the ambulance driver to say the four year old retriever was sitting on the side step. They stopped and put Buddy in the ambulance with his human Dad.
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by L Jtan posted Nov 12 2014 8:16AM
A DC woman's ex-boyfriend sent her an unusual package in the mail earlier this month: a box filled with 15 live baby chicks.
An animal sanctuary says it included a note telling the woman there are lots of other chicks out there. The angry woman told the mailman that she was going to throw them in the trash. Instead, he took them to the Humane Society and some are at a sanctuary in Winchester, the rest at one in Maryland.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Nov 4 2014 8:39AM
Do you have no problem misplacing your cell phone on business travel or vacation, but seem to live at the front desk getting a new room key? It's one of the things you could forget about with new tech that lets you use your phone to get into your room and even to check-in. It's already started at Starwood Hotels and more are likely on the way.
by L Jtan posted Oct 30 2014 8:15AM
Take this story as a precautionary tale to NOT drink and drive at this year's Halloween party.
A New York woman was arrested twice in the same morning...the first time as a zombie. She was arrested for driving without headlights and blowing a .11. A friend picked her up and took her home, then three hours later, Butler was back in the car and swerving. The second time she blew a .09 and didn't get to go home. 
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