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Caroline County Incident Report

by - posted May 7 2013 5:39PM
Media Briefs
Week Ending April 27, 2013
Date Investigating Officer Violator Information Charges
04/21/2013 Deputy  B.N. Doucet Gwendoline N. Stevens, 18,
Fredericksburg, VA
petit larceny
04/21/2013 Deputy B.N. Doucet William M. Kidd, 19, of Milford, VA and Gary R. Poland III, 19, of Milford, VA trespassing
04/21/2013 Deputy F.L. Brennan Daniel M. Gibbs, 33,
Fredericksburg, VA
possession of a controlled substance w/intent to distribute, and possession of marijuana w/intent to distribute
04/25/2013 Deputy  W.A. Greene Shanessa V. Pittman, 26,
Ruther Glen, VA
possession of a firearm by a felon
04/26/2013 Deputy B.J. Sadler Charles R. Herndon, III, 26,
Colonial Beach, VA
driving under the influence
04/27/2013 Deputy F.L Brennan Jason L. Greene, 31,
Bowling Green, VA
driving under the influence, and failure to maintain center highway
04/27/2013 Sgt. C.A. Heywood Douglas J. Cannon, 58,
Milford, VA
driving under the influence- 3rd in 10 years, and reckless driving
04/27/2013 Sgt. C.A. Heywood dale A. Brown, 53,
Milford, VA
drunk in public
04/27/2013 Sgt. C.A. Heywood Scott A. Wheeler, 55,
Hanover, VA
driving under the influence -2nd in 10 years, and fail to stop & yield

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05/07/2013 5:39PM
Caroline County Incident Report
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07/14/2013 10:43PM
freedom of harm intended
What ever happen to the saying don't judge a book by its cover? just because something is torn on the outside or appear to be useless doesn't mean just that...i read some very useful books in my life that were well used on the outside..i was told that only god can judge me and i guess i was mislead.....hypothetically can a creator love to to create but at the same time hate something they created? Im no monster im a human just like you....i am some ones daughter...i am some one auntie...i am some one sister....i am some be stereotyped or called some one im not does hurt me mentally but it doesn't change who i am or that one day i will be who you all thought i couldn't be....i am me......
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