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Cicada Central in Fredericksburg and Much of the Region

by Deirdre Blake posted May 23 2013 5:46PM
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If you hear a screeching or buzzing noise while driving around the area, especially near Fredericksburg's University of Mary Washington, it's probably not a car problem. 
Thousands of cicadas have made there emergence around many counties. We are getting reports of lots in southern and western Spotsylvania, near Stafford Airport and in downtown Fredericksburg. Entomologists says there is a clear reason why some of us are hearing and seeing than others. The ground needs to reach a consistent 64 degrees for them to burrow out from their 17 year slumber.
The bugs are harmless, but will continue to bring the loud noise for the next few weeks while they mate. After that, the young burrow back into the ground until 2030 and their parents die, leaving behind piles of dark colored shells.
05/23/2013 5:46PM
Cicada Central in Fredericksburg and Much of the Region
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