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Cook Out Restaurant Headed to Fredericksburg

by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 17 2013 9:11AM
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If you're a fan of the Cook Out restaurant chain, this should make you smile.
A 3,200 square foot one is planned, with a drive-thru, in the Greenbrier Shopping Center on Route 3 in Fredericksburg. The privately owned fast-food restaurant chainstarted in North Carolina and now has more than 130 locations. It serves cookout-style burgers and hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, North Carolina-style barbecue and dozens of milkshake flavors.
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Location : North Carolina
12/17/2013 9:11AM
Cook Out Restaurant Headed to Fredericksburg
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06/30/2014 2:25PM
Is it there yet?
Cant find it google. Did they ever build it?
05/05/2015 5:53PM
(not so) patiently waiting
Still not open.... I keep driving by hoping to be able to get a peach cobbler shake and a bbq platter! IT'S MAY! YOUR OVER DUE ON YOUR OPENING!
05/10/2015 10:16AM
taking a long time..
I think they have the VDOT crews building it. Every time I go by 5 guys are leaning on shovels watching one guy work.
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