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Document Belongings for Insurance Claims Before a Disaster

by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 3 2012 8:02PM
Ahead of tornado and hurricane season in Virginia, homeowners are being encouraged to know the ins and outs of their homeowner's insurance police. 
George Lyle with the State Corporation Commission says it is the policy holder's responsibility to file a claim and list everything they lost.
It is easier to be prepared now before a stressful disaster happens.
Most policies reimburse up to the policy limit for the item's cash value, not replacement cost, so good documentation is important. Write down everything that is owned, along with its date and age and value. Pictures are also a good idea and several phone apps are also available to help with the process. Once everything is documented, make sure it is kept in a safe and secure place.
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04/03/2012 8:02PM
Document Belongings for Insurance Claims Before a Disaster
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