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by L Jtan posted Jan 29 2015 10:29AM
We've heard that cats have nine lives, but this is a real life flash back to Pet Sematary. Instead, it involves Bart the cat, not Church and no evil demons.
When his owner found him not breathing in the road, he was heartbroken and asked his neighbor to bury the cat instead. The neighbor dug a shallow grave, but a few days later, Bart apparently clawed his way out. He needed an extensive surgery and was dehydrated and hungry. A Humane Society vet says, all things considered, is doing okay and should be just fine. His owner says he looks a little rough, but is as affectionate as ever.
by L Jtan posted Jan 29 2015 10:14AM
The Seahawks are getting ready to head for the Super Bowl, amid filing two dozen trademark applications in the past 15 months.
It's trying to trademark common words and phrases like "boom" and "Go Hawks." and even the number 12. The team has also opposed other entities' trademark applications, including film company Lions Gate's attempt to trademark the phrase "District 12" from the Hunger Games. It also wants a trademark for the number 12 in the font used on team's jerseys.
by L Jtan posted Jan 20 2015 11:48AM
The parents of one elementary schooler in the U.K. are pretty serious about him having a good birthday.
When his five year old friend, Alex didn't show up, the ticked off Mom sent a bill home to Alex's parents for $24.00. It's supposedto cover his spot at the ski center that hosted the party. His Dad says he didn't have contact info to cancel the rsvp, but the upset Mom is threatening small claims court to get the cash.
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by L Jtan posted Jan 16 2015 10:27AM
Another reminder to make sure that your kids know to keep their hands in their pockets at area stores.
An Idaho prosecutor's issued an arrest warrant for a 9 year old boy who failed to show up in court, accused of stealing a pack of gum. Police Chief Scott Haug says it's the first time in his 30 years in law enforcement that he's ever seen an arrest warrant for someone that young. And he apparently missed court because relatives had no way of getting him to the courthouse.
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by L Jtan posted Jan 16 2015 10:13AM
Apparently alot of people want revenge against their enemies, but want it to be pretty harmless. If you heard about the Ship Your Enemies Glitter website this week, you might be among the people that helped it go viral. The owner has suspended sales and pulled the order form, while he works on packing and shipping 2,300 orders already. The site has over a million visits and it was shared on social media 300,000 times in just 24 hours.
by L Jtan posted Jan 1 2015 10:35AM
If you're vowing to start losing weight this month, some area fast food chains and other restaurants might not help you.
Dunkin' Donuts has a new a Chocolate Croissant and Tomato Mozzarella Supreme Bagel around through early 2015. Krispy Kreme has a Triple Chocolate Doughnut through the 25th. And Nation's Restaurant News reports that Popeye's kicks up the spice with Ghost Pepper Wings, for a limited time only.
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