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by Inform posted Mar 31 2014 11:30AM
VIDEO - Yes, Taylor Swift is allowed to have a laid back Sunday every now and again. Spotted out and about in New York City on Sunday, the singer looked comfy, casual, and happy to have her cat by her side. The singer was spotted in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, just as she was heading out for a day in the city. If fans look closely, they can also see her cat Meredith peeking through the black bag on her arm. In case you don't follow Swift on Twitter or Instagram, Meredith was named after the character Ellen Pompeo played on Grey's Anatomy. The show Taylor is most likely to binge watch during her down time.
by Deirdre Blake posted Mar 3 2014 11:11AM
Men, if you wanna get the girl, talk less and lower your voice.
That masculine, deep voice is what gets the ladies' attention, according to new research published in the journal PLOS ONE. Men prefer a breathy voice -- think Marilyn Monroe overthe creaky tones of Kim Kardasian. That breathy delivery was thought to be more youthful and healthy. Because women talk more, they were attracted to a man who talked less and with a deeper tone -- think George Clooney.

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