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by Associated Press posted May 31 2013 3:20PM
 CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A New Hampshire auction house is selling medical records and a handwritten letter from gangster Al Capone detailing the final years of his life and declining health due to syphilis.
     Capone's letter to his doctor is postmarked Aug. 25, 1941 - two years after his prison sentence for tax evasion was up. He was suffering from dementia and his mental age was pegged by doctors as vacillating from 7 to 14.
     In a lengthy letter updating his condition, Capone's Miami doctor told another physician of the plan to hire a male nurse posing as a chauffeur to protect the public from unprovoked attacks.
     Bidding on the memorabilia offered by RR Auction in Amherst ends June 19.
     Capone died in 1947 at age 48.
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by AP posted May 31 2013 9:19AM

VIDEO - Nicki Minaj quits American Idol hours after Mariah Carey quits; Oprah Winfrey gives inspirational speech at Harvard; Rock 'n' roll superstars perform a charity concert in Boston. 

by Associated Press posted May 30 2013 5:46PM
 NEW YORK (AP) - Mariah Carey says she isn't retuning to "American Idol."
     The pop star's publicity firm, PMK BNC, tweeted Thursday that Carey isn't returning to the Fox series and is planning a world tour thanks to the success of her new single, "Beautiful."
     Carey became a new judge on "Idol" last year along with Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj. She and Minaj bickered on the show, creating a feud that was uncomfortable for both viewers and contestants.
     Randy Jackson announced that he was also leaving the show.
     Carey's new single, a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, features Miguel. 
by AP posted May 30 2013 9:29AM

VIDEO - Courteney Cox and David Arquette finalize divorce; Neil Patrick Harris returning to host Emmycast; Timberlake to headline iTunes festival.

by Entertainment Tonight posted May 30 2013 7:47AM

VIDEO - ET caught up with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson before their first joint film in eight years comes to theaters to discuss the film and their on-screen chemistry together.

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by AP posted May 29 2013 11:24AM

VIDEO - Justin Bieber investigated for reckless driving; Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan undergoes surgery; AEG Live co-CEO testifies in Jackson lawsuit trial.

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by E! Online posted May 29 2013 7:50AM

VIDEO - Will is joined by his son Jaden, and some familiar faces for a classic tune. Watch the cool moment. 

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by CNET posted May 29 2013 7:48AM

VIDEO - This week on Crave, NASA gets behind an effort to 3D-print food, including pizza. A man plays the guitar and sings during his own live-tweeted brain surgery. And we wish the Ethernet a very happy birthday.

by Associated Press posted May 28 2013 11:26PM
 MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A 7-year-old cancer patient who had a trading card issued in his honor after he ran roughshod over the Nebraska Cornhuskers has found new buyers for cards set aside for his charity.
     Among those stepping up: actor James Denton, who was on "Desperate Housewives."
     Video of Jack Hoffman's run during Nebraska's spring football game was an Internet hit. The Upper Deck Co. issued a card for Jack, with signed blow-ups for his foundation to auction off.
     The winning bidder for the first card declined to pay, saying he hadn't authorized the $6,100 bid. Jack's father, Andy Hoffman, says news coverage prompted three buyers to offer $10,000 each for a signed card. 
     Denton lives in suburban Minneapolis, and the Hoffmans traveled there to meet him Tuesday. They are from Atkinson, Neb.
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by AP posted May 28 2013 7:46AM

VIDEO - Paul McCartney leaves a gift for Elvis Presley in Graceland; Daft Punk sets Spotify record; Ben Affleck receives honorary doctorate.

by Buzz 60 posted May 24 2013 7:45AM

VIDEO - Dan Aykroyd appeared on 'Larry King Now' to chat exclusively about the upcoming 'Ghostbusters 3.' He gave away some plot details, saying it revolves around a group of young researchers at Columbia University and will feature new Ghostbusters. He also mentioned that Bill Murray is not a part of the film at this time, but the door is open in case he changes his mind. Kristina Behr has the details.

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by AP posted May 23 2013 10:16AM

VIDEO - Blake Shelton putting together Okla. benefit show; Obama honors Carole King at White House concert; Jennifer Lopez to open cellphone stores.

by Buzz 60 posted May 23 2013 9:13AM

VIDEO - TMZ reports that Justin Bieber makes his party guests sign a waiver before they enter his California home when he throws parties. The alleged waiver says that if anyone talks, tweets, or posts photos to any social network about the party, they can be sued for $5 million dollars. The supposed waiver also claims that participating in activities could be hazardous to your health. Kristina Behr has the details.

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by Associated Press posted May 22 2013 6:27PM
  WASHINGTON (AP) - A new Asian elephant has arrived at the National Zoo in Washington, reuniting her with another elephant she once lived with in Sri Lanka.
     Zoo officials say 37-year-old Bozie arrived Wednesday. She traveled by truck more than 1,100 miles from her old home at the Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana. Bozie's only other companion died in Baton Rouge in March.
     After a standard 30-day quarantine, Bozie will join three other elephants in Washington.
     The zoo says records show Bozie and 38-year-old Shanthi lived together briefly as young calves at the Elephant Orphanage Department of Wildlife Conservation in Sri Lanka before being transported to North America.
     The National Zoo recently opened a larger elephant facility after a seven-year, $56 million overhaul. The expansion more than tripled the elephants' living space.
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by Associated Press posted May 21 2013 6:31PM
  REDMOND, Wash. (AP) - Microsoft thinks it has the one.
     The company says the Xbox One, its next-generation entertainment console, will go on sale later this year. 
     The company is seeking to stay ahead of rivals in announcing that new content that can be downloaded for the popular "Call of Duty" game will launch first on Xbox One.
     Microsoft says more games will be shown at next month's E3 video game conference in Los Angeles.
     Microsoft executives are also touting the Xbox One as a replacement for the set-top box from your cable provider. It has its own guide and you can change channels by voice command.
     The announcement came Tuesday at a presentation at its headquarters in Redmond, Wash.
by Associated Press posted May 21 2013 6:29PM
 LONDON (AP) - For fans of the boy wizard, this could be the most coveted copy of all the "Harry Potter" books in the world.
     A first edition copy of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" that contains author J.K. Rowling's notes and original illustrations fetched 150,000 pounds ($228,000) at a London auction on Tuesday.
     Sotheby's said the work, offered as part of a charity book sale jointly organized with the English PEN writers' association, was sold to an anonymous bidder by telephone.
     Rowling peppered the book with many personal annotations, including editorial decisions, comments on the process of writing and a note on how she came to create the game of Quidditch. 
     She also drew about two dozen illustrations in the copy, including a sleeping baby Harry on a door step and an Albus Dumbledore Chocolate Frog card.
     As part of the fundraising event, Rowling and dozens of other best-selling author were asked to "scribble second thoughts, marginalia or drawings" on a first-edition copy of one of their books.
     A copy of Roald Dahl's best-selling children's book "Matilda" containing new drawings by illustrator Quentin Blake fetched 30,000 pounds ($45,500), while an annotated copy of Kazuo Ishiguro's acclaimed novel "The Remains of the Day" was sold for 18,000 pounds ($27,300).
     Other participating authors in the charity sale included Ian McEwan, Seamus Heaney, Lionel Shriver and Yann Martel.
     In all, the sale raised a total of 439,200 pounds ($666,310).
by Associated Press posted May 21 2013 6:26PM
 HANOVER, Md. (AP) - Maryland Live! is starting to build a poker room.
     The casino in Anne Arundel County announced Tuesday that the poker room will be 14,800 square feet. 
     The casino says it's scheduled to open late this summer. Maryland Live! says it will be one of the largest poker rooms in the mid-Atlantic region. It will have more than 50 tables and a dedicated area for tournament play.
     The casino says adding the card game will create more than 200 new jobs. Maryland Live! currently has 122 live table games, including blackjack, craps, roulette and other games.
by Splash News posted May 21 2013 9:30AM

VIDEO - Actress Jennifer Lawrence shows off her toned body in blue body paint as she reprises her role as X-Men's Mystique.

by AP posted May 21 2013 9:14AM

VIDEO - 'The Doors' organist, Ray Manzarek is remembered; Toby Keith grew up in devastated Oklahoma City; Justin Bieber's monkey to become property of Germany.

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by WZTV- Nashville, TN posted May 21 2013 5:25AM


by Associated Press posted May 20 2013 5:54PM
 Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist who was a founding member of The Doors, has died. He was 74.
     Publicist Heidi Robinson-Fitzgerald says in a news release that Manzarek died Monday at the RoMed Clinic in Rosenheim, Germany, surrounded by his family. He had been stricken by bile duct cancer.
     Manzarek founded The Doors after meeting then-poet Jim Morrison in California. The band went on to become one of the most successful rock 'n' roll acts to emerge from the 1960s and continues to resonate with fans decades after Morrison's death brought the band to an end.
by Associated Press posted May 17 2013 3:40PM
 NEW YORK (AP) - Ratings for the "American Idol" finale plunged to a record low for the 12-year-old show.
     According to Nielsen Co. figures Friday, Candice Glover's victory over Kree Harrison was watched by 14.3 million viewers. That's a 33 percent drop from the year before, when 21.5 million viewers saw Phillip Phillips claim the "Idol" crown. That represented the show's previous record low finale audience.
     "American Idol" saw an even steeper 44 percent drop among advertiser-coveted young adults for Thursday's finale.
     The lack of interest in the winner of this year's contest parallels the show's declining ratings for the season. Fox is scrambling to revive the singing contest that once dominated TV, revamping the judges' panel and making yet-to-be detailed format changes.
     Original judge Randy Jackson has already announced his exit.
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by Associated Press posted May 17 2013 3:38PM
  PARIS (AP) - David Beckham's pecs are at least as much a part of his brand as his kick; his brand of shoes ultimately more lucrative than the game he's giving up. Listed as the world's highest-earning athlete for 2013, Beckham's retirement from play still leaves him with valuable endorsements and unparalleled celebrity. The question is whether he can maintain it.
     Only a few athletes, once their job is preceded by 'ex,' manage to maintain a connection with fans: Those who have carefully built up their image beforehand. 
     Michael Jordan retired from basketball for the third time in 2003 and turned 50 this year. His eponymous Nike brand - a partnership that dates back to the first days after he left the University of North Carolina for the Chicago Bulls - is still going strong. The Jordan brand makes up nearly 60 percent of the American basketball shoe market, and a significant part of the estimated $80 million that Jordan reportedly earns each year from ventures that also include deals with Hanes and Gatorade, according to Forbes magazine. 
     At the height of his popularity, Jordan "was just inescapable, and I think Beckham has had that kind of quality up to now," said Ellis Cashmore, a British sociologist and author of the book "Beckham."
     Even having given up his salary at Paris Saint-Germain, the French soccer club where he's ending his career, Beckham topped this year's Sports Illustrated list of 20 highest-earning international athletes (his estimated $48 million in earnings - most from sponsorship - would rank third on the magazine's list if American athletes are also included). He has deals with Adidas, Samsung and H&M and has his own cologne. The UK's Sunday Times Sports Rich Lost puts his estimated wealth at some 165 million pounds ($250 million).
     The question, Cashmore said, is whether his celebrity will last once he's no longer on the field. 
     "Beckham was the first athlete to transcend sport," he said. "Leaving soccer is a little bit of a gamble because they don't know if Beckham decoupled from his sport is going to be as powerful as a brand."
     Tiger Woods, whose career arc looked a lot like Beckham's until it imploded in marital scandals, is still having a hard time reconnecting with fans - and endorsements. The 37-year-old earned a reported $40 million, according to the Sports Illustrated tally this year, and Nike is using him in television ads again. But this year's survey reported just $33 million in endorsements, down from $105 million in 2007.
     Thanks to his years with the LA Galaxy, Beckham's popularity is high even in the U.S., where soccer runs distinctly behind basketball, baseball and football, according to Henry Schafer, executive vice president Q Scores Company, which measures celebrity awareness and popularity. 
     But he'll have a hard time matching the endurance of Jordan who - a decade after retirement - tops the Q Score list of all athletes, Schafer said. Woods was the only athlete to come close to surpassing the former Chicago Bull, Schafer said, and that's no longer even a remote possibility. 
     As for Beckham, "I would put him in the category as having the right qualities to extend his playing days," said Schafer, who said former NBA star Magic Johnson, NHL player Wayne Gretzky and boxing great Muhammad Ali among the other top retired athletes who've kept up their images.
     Brand Beckham, however, isn't just David. His wife Victoria runs a fashion house which is beginning to gain traction. And there's a rising generation of Beckhams as well: eldest son Romeo features in ads for Burberry's spring/summer 2013 collection.
     Jean-Noel Kapferer, a marketing analyst at HEC, warned Beckham's glow could fade unless he shows he's putting in an effort.
     "Up to now, the image of David Beckham balanced between the tangible - the presence on the field of an exceptional player with a magic touch - and the intangible - the handsome guy who imprints his style on modern man," he told the French newspaper l'Equipe. "The risk for him is that he's not doing anything but making money."
     If nothing else, Cashmore said, Beckham - who owns a company called Beckham Brand Ltd.  - has inculcated a new generation of athletes to think far into their futures, beyond the actual game.
     "Gone are the Chariots of Fire days of the 1920s," he said. Now, in large part because of Beckham, the question even young teens with talent ask themselves is more calculating: "How am I going to monetize myself?"
by CNET posted May 17 2013 10:14AM

VIDEO - Google's new streaming radio service goes after Spotify and Pandora in this slick app for your phone, tablet, and PC.

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by Associated Press posted May 15 2013 5:54PM
  WASHINGTON (AP) - The crew of the International Space Station is boldly going where no one has gone before - to see the new "Star Trek" film.
     The three astronauts were offered a sneak peak of "Star Trek Into Darkness" days before it opens Thursday on Earth, seeing it not in 3-D, but Zero-G.
     NASA spokesman Kelly Humphries said the movie was beamed up to the outpost Monday and the two Russians and American on board had a day off Tuesday. That gave them a chance to view it on their laptops. It's unclear if they watched it.
     U.S. astronaut Chris Cassidy is taking part Thursday in a Google+ hangout that's bringing together two Earth-bound astronauts, film stars Chris Pine, Alice Eve and John Cho, and its director and screenwriter.
by AP posted May 15 2013 10:16AM

VIDEO - Stars react to Angelina Jolie's mastectomy news; Dr. Dre, Iovine donate $70M for new USC center; Nicole Richie gets candid in new AOL web series.

by WXMI - Grand Rapids, MI posted May 15 2013 10:03AM

VIDEO - Yes, people are awesome.

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by E! Online posted May 15 2013 10:00AM

VIDEO - The field is narrowed down to the handful of celebs who will compete for the mirror ball trophy. Get the details.

by E! Online posted May 15 2013 9:57AM

VIDEO - The 38-year-old actress steps on in a very revealing dress. Check out her see-through gown.

by AP posted May 14 2013 10:49AM

VIDEO - Angelina Jolie says she had double mastectomy; Choreographer: No signs Jackson was ill in 2009; Fox schedule includes '24' return.

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by Hollyscoop posted May 14 2013 10:44AM

VIDEO - Robert Downey Jr. will make history if he says yes to huge new deal! 

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by Buzz 60 posted May 14 2013 10:42AM

VIDEO - Jack Bauer will return to Fox for 12 new episodes of '24' in May 2014 as a part of Fox's strategy to put together more event series. After eight seasons and a movie, '24' fans will be excited to fight terrorism again with Kiefer Sutherland. Patrick Jones reports.

by E! Online posted May 14 2013 10:40AM

VIDEO  - The country singer switches things up with a dark wig on "Dancing With The Stars." See her sexy 'do. 

by WPIX-New York City posted May 14 2013 10:29AM
VIDEO - Alec Baldwin's accused stalker begs 30 Rock star to acknowledge 'love triangle', drop charges

by Splash News posted May 14 2013 10:20AM

VIDEO - Check out the new RoboCop reboot filming in Vancouver.

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by Associated Press posted May 13 2013 5:01PM
 NEW YORK (AP) - Aretha Franklin has canceled appearances in Chicago and Connecticut later this month under a doctor's recommendation.
     A Monday news release says Franklin will need treatment during the time period shows were scheduled with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on May 20 and at Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Connecticut on May 26. The release doesn't specify what kind of treatment and her publicist did not immediately respond to a message seeking details.
     Singer Janelle Monae will step in for Franklin for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Corporate Night fundraiser. The Grammy-winning singer will be playing orchestral versions of her songs that she'll first debut Thursday with the San Francisco Symphony. 
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by AP posted May 13 2013 11:54AM

VIDEO - Stars of the comedy franchise "The Hangover" Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis talk about how starring in the hit movies changed their careers and allowed them to do smaller films as well.

by E! Online posted May 13 2013 7:52AM

The comedian is set to host "Late Night" when Fallon moves to "The Tonight Show." Hear the details.

by Associated Press posted May 10 2013 6:13PM
 WASHINGTON (AP) - The National Aquarium says it will close its Washington branch in the fall.
     Officials announced Thursday that renovations at the Department of Commerce building that the aquarium has called home since 1932 make the move necessary.
     Aquarium officials say they must leave by March 2014, but the aquarium will close Sept. 30 and begin moving the 1,500 animals housed there to the National Aquarium in Baltimore and other facilities.
     The National Aquarium, Washington, DC, was established in 1873 and opened in 1885. The aquarium's board is exploring ways to maintain a presence in Washington. 
     The General Services Administration, which is responsible for the building, says part of the current construction plan is to return the aquarium to the same building. The aquarium would have to pay for the new space.
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by AP posted May 10 2013 10:23AM

<VIDEO> Makeup artist says Michael Jackson was pushed to rehearse; Randy Jackson leaving 'American Idol'; PSY addresses students at Harvard University.

by Splash News posted May 10 2013 8:15AM

<VIDEO> Farrah Abraham is making the claim to Entertainment Tonight that she originally made her porno, er, filmed her sex tape, to fulfill personal happiness.

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by Associated Press posted May 9 2013 5:27PM
  WASHINGTON (AP) - The Smithsonian Institution is adding relics from soap operas and game shows to its national entertainment collection to tell the story of daytime television. 
     On Thursday, actress Susan Lucci from TV's "All My Children" and Alex Trebek from "Jeopardy!" visited the National Museum of American History to donate objects from their shows. They were joined by the creators of "Barney" to show the range of daytime TV programs.
     The new artifacts range from show scripts and props to original artwork. Lucci donated the pink gown and shoes she wore for a national magazine cover when she won an Emmy in 1999. 
     The museum is launching a three-year initiative to collect more objects to tell the story of daytime television. It's partnering with the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
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by Associated Press posted May 9 2013 5:26PM
   WASHINGTON (AP) - The winner of "American Idol" next week will perform the national anthem for the National Memorial Day Concert on the Capitol lawn in Washington.
     Organizers are announcing plans Thursday for the Memorial Day festivities. Actors Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise will host the program again this year. The concert will be televised May 26 on PBS.
     The lineup of entertainers will include actor Ed Harris, "Dancing with the Stars" finalist Katherine Jenkins, singer Chris Mann, who was a finalist on "The Voice," and tenor Alfie Boe. They will perform with the National Symphony Orchestra.
     For several years, the concert has included performers from "American Idol." This year's winner to be chosen May 16 will perform the national anthem and will return on July 4 to perform for Independence Day.
by Associated Press posted May 9 2013 5:23PM
  NEW YORK (AP) - The Statue of Liberty is reopening July 4 after Superstorm Sandy flooded the island where it stands.
     The statue has been closed since Sandy struck the region on Oct. 29 and damaged much of Liberty Island's infrastructure. The statue itself is on higher ground and was not damaged.
     Ferry tickets to visit the island on July 4 or later may be purchased online or by phone. Tickets to the statue's crown are only available by reservation.
     A spokeswoman for the National Park Service says the nearby Ellis Island Immigration Museum will be partially open on July 4. She says officials have not determined how much of Ellis Island can be open to visitors.
     Sandy brought 8 feet of water to Liberty Island, destroying boilers and electrical systems.
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by AP posted May 8 2013 9:59AM

<VIDEO> NBC's "The Office," ending it's nine-season run on May 16, was loaded with references to real-life people and places in Scranton, Pa. The city is bidding the comedy a fond farewell.

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by Splash News posted May 8 2013 7:47AM

<VIDEO> New reports claim that Mariah Carey is quitting American Idol because she is tired of dealing with Nicki Minaj.

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by Hollyscoop posted May 8 2013 7:45AM

<VIDEO> Lindsay Lohan’s rehab trip is supposed to get her 100% clean and put her life on track. The problem is she doesn't have a problem (according to Lindsay herself), so this is basically just a 90 day really boring staycation.

by Associated Press posted May 7 2013 5:43PM
 NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Before he passed away last month, George Jones had scheduled a star-packed final concert for November. It turns out the show will go on.
     Jones' widow, Nancy, said Tuesday that Garth Brooks, Kid Rock and several more performers have agreed to keep the Nov. 22 date and appear in tribute to Jones at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The show was previously sold out.
     Jones passed away April 26 at a Nashville hospital at 81. Thousands attended a memorial last week in Nashville to celebrate a defining male voice of country music. 
     Nancy Jones also said Charlie Daniels, Jamey Johnson, The Oak Ridge Boys, Montgomery Gentry and Travis Tritt have signed on. Lineup updates will appear on Jones' website.
by AP posted May 7 2013 11:36AM
<VIDEO> Stars including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Beyonce and Madonna embrace the punk theme of this year's annual Met Gala in New York, and Anne Hathaway goes blond

by AP posted May 7 2013 11:28AM

<VIDEO> Sarah Brightman plans on becoming the first recording artist to orbit the earth when she tales a trip to the International Space Station sometime in the next two years.

by AP posted May 7 2013 10:50AM

<VIDEO> Grammy-winning singer Lauryn Hill has been sentenced to three months in prison for failing to pay about $1 million in taxes. She was also sentenced Monday in Newark to three additional months of home confinement.

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Location : Newark
People : Lauryn Hill
by Buzz 60 posted May 7 2013 10:46AM

<VIDEO> Ahead of her latest court mandated rehab stint, Lindsay Lohan sat down with CNN host Piers Morgan to talk about drugs and rehab. In the interview in 'The Daily Mail,' she claims she only has done cocaine four or five times, has never taken heroin, has smoked pot, and liked ecstasy the best. Kristina Behr has the story.

by Associated Press posted May 6 2013 6:26PM
   NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Grammy-winning singer Lauryn Hill has been sentenced to three months in prison for failing to pay about $1 million in taxes.
     She was also sentenced Monday in Newark to three additional months of home confinement.
     The 37-year-old South Orange resident pleaded guilty last year in the case.
     During a forceful statement to the judge, Hill explained she had always meant to eventually pay the taxes but was unable to during a period of time when she dropped out of the music business.
     Before the sentencing, her attorney had said Hill had paid more than $970,000 to satisfy the state and federal tax liabilities.
     Hill had faced a maximum sentence of one year each on three counts. Her attorney had sought probation.
     She's to report to prison July 8. It's not clear where she'll serve her sentence.
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by E! Online posted May 6 2013 10:37AM

<VIDEO> The Oscar winner pokes fun at her recent arrest with an interesting accessory. Take a look.

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by AP posted May 2 2013 10:50AM

<VIDEO> Chris Kelly, of rap duo Kris Kross, dies aged 34; Cindy Lauper reacts to 'Kinky Boots' 13 Tony Award nods; Jennifer Lopez joins Beyonce on Sound of Change Live bill
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by Associated Press posted May 1 2013 6:57PM
  LOS ANGELES (AP) - Activision is trading "Modern Warfare" for "Ghosts."
     The video game publisher announced Wednesday that the next installment in its successful "Call of Duty" franchise will be titled "Call of Duty: Ghosts" and feature a new story and characters.
     Activision Blizzard Inc. said "Ghosts" will be released Nov. 5 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and next-generation consoles.
     The game is being developed by Infinity Ward, the Encino studio that created the original "Call of Duty" and reignited the franchise with 2007's "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare."
     The previous "Call of Duty" game, Treyarch's "Black Ops II," crossed the $1 billion mark in worldwide retail sales 15 days after its release last year.
     "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" hit the $1 billion mark in 16 days after its 2011 debut.
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by Associated Press posted May 1 2013 6:54PM
  FAIRFAX STATION, Va. (AP) - Federal workers who are facing furloughs because of automatic budget cuts are getting an unexpected perk: discounted golf.
     Starting Wednesday, the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority will allow federal workers to play its courses for $25. That's a discount of about 30 percent off the regular greens fees.
     The rate is available from Monday-Thursday after 10 a.m. Workers must show a civilian federal employee ID to be eligible. But they won't have to prove that they've been furloughed or are playing on their furlough day.
     The park authority operates three golf courses: Algonkian in Sterling, Brambleton in Ashburn and Pohick Bay in Lorton.
     Park authority chairman Brian Knapp says the program is meant as a gesture of solidarity with the thousands of federal workers who will have unpaid days off.
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People : Brian Knapp
by AP posted May 1 2013 11:14AM

<VIDEO> Detective testifies about Jackson doctor's money woes; Tim McGraw sued by former record label; Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker launch Web series for AOL.
by Screen Play posted May 1 2013 11:03AM

<VIDEO> Trailer for Thor: The Dark World
by AP posted May 1 2013 9:21AM

<VIDEO> Hundreds of aspiring dancers turned out at Radio City Music Hall in New York City Tuesday for a chance at just a few spots on the famous Rockette kick line.

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Location : New York City

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