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It sure took me a lot of wandering around to end up in Fredericksburg!  I spent a large part of my youth traveling the world as a missionary kid before discovering radio and my wife at college (who I met when we were cast as husband and wife in a play).  What I didn’t know at the time was a career in radio meant more moving!  We finally landed in Baltimore in the ‘80s, with a daughter and 3 cats in tow, and then a couple years ago headed down 95 to a nice little house in Chancellor and the afternoon show at WFLS.  Being a history buff and lover of roller coasters makes Fredericksburg the perfect home!


I truly enjoy being able to entertain you on WFLS and easing the drive home every day.  Of course being a confirmed night owl makes sharing the end of the day with you extra special!


Facebook and your face!

by Todd Grimsted posted Aug 29 2013 2:04PM
The latest "shocking" advance for facebook is that they may start to identify you with your profile picture.  Lots of buzz already about invasion of privacy but I see another problem.  Along with a majority of my facebook friends, more often than not my profile picture isn't always "me"!  While you often see pictures of drunken revelry, you'll also see peoples kids, their pets or a flower from their garden.  One of my friends, who is less than physically fit, favors a picture of Thor and another's profile pic is a body part (don't ask).  Facebook will be very surprised when they try to ID me and see that I bear a striking resemblance to a South Park character! So, what do you use?  Yourself? Or something more creative?

Facebook may add your profile photo to facial recognition database - NBC

Posted via Zocle
08/29/2013 2:04PM
Facebook and your face!
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