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Fredericksburg Police Department Incident Reports

by - posted Sep 19 2013 12:38PM
2300 block Cowan Blvd, 9/18 5:45 p.m. An officer patrolling in the area noticed a vehicle that
matched the description of a suspect’s car in a minor shoplifting incident that had just occurred at
the 7-11 on Fall Hill Avenue. The officer attempted to stop the silver Nissan, but the driver
turned into The Commons apartment complex and continued slowly through the neighborhood.
As the Nissan approached the club house, all three of the car’s occupants jumped out and fled on
foot. The car was still in gear and continued rolling through the parking lot and down an
embankment until it crashed into a tree, which prevented the vehicle from running into an
apartment building.
The driver of the Nissan was a black male with long braids/dreadlocks and wearing a black shirt.
One of his passengers was a black male wearing a red and black hat and the second passenger
was a black male wearing a green camouflage jacket.
A few minutes later, a female approached the investigating officer and told her that two unknown
men had just run into her apartment while she and her boyfriend were standing outside. The
residents confronted the two men inside the apartment and the offenders ran back out the door
and disappeared from view. The resident described one of the unknown men as a black male
with long braids.
Despite a heavy search of the area, the three unknown males from the Nissan were not located.
The officer had the vehicle towed to police headquarters and the investigation is ongoing.
600 block Greenbrier Ct, 9/18 5:30 p.m. A resident reported that an unknown person entered his
apartment and stole a computer and household items from inside. The victim is in the process of
moving from the premises. The investigation is ongoing.
Sports Zone, 1668 Carl D Silver Pkwy, 9/18 10:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. A citizen reported that the
glass on the front door to the business was shattered. Police checked the building and nobody
was found inside, but it was later discovered that a quantity of change and other items of value
had been stolen. The investigation is ongoing.
1100 block Farrish Pl, 9/15 – 9/18 8:00 a.m. A resident reported that an unknown person stole
cash and jewelry from his unlocked vehicle. No suspects or witnesses at this time.
Chad Thitoff, 39, of Dumfries was arrested for DUI in the 3500 block of Plank Road.
Herbert Johnson, 61, of no fixed address was arrested for public intoxication.
Michael McGinnis, 19, of Colonial Beach was arrested for shoplifting from Walmart.
Duane Graves, 46, of no fixed address was arrested for grand larceny, four counts of credit card
larceny, credit card fraud, forgery, and obtaining money by false pretenses.
Jongsung Yi, 32, of Arlington was arrested for possession of marijuana
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09/19/2013 12:38PM
Fredericksburg Police Department Incident Reports
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