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Hackers, Scammers Prey on Holiday Internet Shoppers

by Frank Hammon posted Dec 6 2012 10:58AM
More people are shopping online this holiday season. At the same time Tom Gallagher of the better Business Bureau says there's more scams, spams and viruses than he's ever seen. 
He knows of a one where a person received an e-mail from FedEx. That person opened the e-mail and a virus attacked her computer causing it to crash.
Gallagher says people need to stay on top of updating their anti-virus software and be on your guard when opening e-mails. He says if you're not expecting an e-mail from someone, chances are something's wrong.
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People : Tom Gallagher
12/06/2012 10:58AM
Hackers, Scammers Prey on Holiday Internet Shoppers
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12/07/2012 10:46AM
Fed Ex
I also recvd the same email. but never opened it cause the dateyhat stated I ordered something I did not and the email address
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