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Healthy Eating and Exercise in Kids Starts at Home

by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 2 2013 1:37PM
If your kids are becoming couch potatoes or want to spend more time playing video games or on a hand held device than outside, it could take you changing to help them.
Nutritionist Pam Beanum with Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center says that just like eating healthy, kids' behavior starts from what they learn at home.
As for food, make sure you start healthy eating early, pack them healthy snacks for school and for when they get home. Remember with young kids, if can take introducing a food 20 to 30 times before they actually end up liking it, so be patient. Getting them involved in grocery shopping or buying veggies at the farmer's market can also help. If they help you in the kitchen to prepare healthy food, it also might make them more willing to eat what's in front of them.
Getting active also starts with parents. Plan some weekend outings to hike, bike, go to the beach or just get involved with them playing outside.
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07/02/2013 1:37PM
Healthy Eating and Exercise in Kids Starts at Home
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