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by L Jtan posted Mar 26 2015 7:56AM
We know lots of companies lose productivity from their workers during March Madness, but the Nebraska government says no more.
Officials send lawmakers an email saying if they want to watch the NCAA basketball tournament - they'll have to do it after work and sites have been blocked. They say when too many people stream the games, the Internet bogs down for official state business.
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by L Jtan posted Mar 25 2015 10:45AM
We've heard about people using everything from dummies to dolls as passengers to try and drive illegally in this region's HOV and new express lanes, but a man in Washington state this week might win the prize.
A trooper pulled Tony Brock over with a cardboard cutout of "The Most Interesting Man In The World" from the Dos Equis beer commercial, but it didn't work. The State Patrol tweeted the photo, saying: "I don't always violate the HOV lane law ... but when I do, I get a $124 ticket."
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by L Jtan posted Mar 16 2015 7:52AM
Do you love pancakes for breakfast and wish your honey would make them for you more often? A new invention by a father of two will let you do it yourself fast and creative, thanks to help from a robot. The Pancakebot comes with tracing software compatible with Mac and Windows that lets you to trace any image in the world directly onto your computer. Then it saves to a memory card, PancakeBot scans the design and uses the batter as its ink. Miguel Velenzuela is raising cash through Kickstarter to get them in kitchens across the country. 
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by L Jtan posted Feb 25 2015 7:33AM
Even if you're tired of snow and winter some people that don't have any are willing to pay for some, so a man from Massachusetts is cashing in big.
He's apparently shipping it from his yard to people in warmer climates for $89 for six pounds. Kyle Waring launched He says even if the snow melts a little by the time it arrives, there's still enough to make ten or more snowballs. 
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by L Jtan posted Feb 5 2015 9:20AM
This might make you want to get your hands on the new French version of Monopoly. It will let you pass go, get out of jail free and collect real money.
To celebrate Hasbro's 80th anniversary of this edition, real cash will be slipped into 80 boxes. One will have over $23,000 inside, along with the the Monopoly money needed to play the game. Another 79 boxes will have smaller amounts of cash. The promotional offer runs through March 30th.

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