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How Do You Know Your E-mail has been Hacked?

by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 14 2013 2:27PM
A Virginia state senator is one of the latest people to have her e-mail account hacked, but if it happens to you, what do you do?
Tim Alexander with Northern Virginia Computer Systems in Fredericksburg says you often only know if you get a call from a friend or a text message saying they got an odd e-mail from you. The best line of defense is to be smart up front. Many people pick a password that is a favorite team name, a pet or another item close to them. Alexander says that is a terrible idea. You should pick something most people would not associate with you, then add some capital letters and numbers.Even without prompting, passwords should be updates frequently. You should also install store bought virus protection and keep it current.
If you do find out that your e-mail has been hacked, disconnect your primary computer immediately and change all of your passwords. You can always call a computer technical professional in the area, if needed.
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06/14/2013 2:27PM
How Do You Know Your E-mail has been Hacked?
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11/24/2014 7:10AM
advice from the unprofessional
While Tim is tech savy. I'd avoid working with him. He's completely bonkers.
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