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Taking over as soon as Steve and Jessica are done,
Paul fills your day with
30 minutes commercial free music sweeps each hour beginning at 9.

"I don't get paid by the word, I get paid by the song.  So you're going to hear much more music than me talking." 
Paul and his family live in King George, and he's on his 10th year at WFLS.
by Paul Johnson posted Jul 11 2014 9:31AM
The movie is called "Boyhood", and the reason it looks realistic is because IT IS REAL. It was filmed over 12 years, so all the actors actually age naturally over the course of the movie. Aside from that, it's getting terrific reviews. See the trailer here.

'Boyhood': How Richard Linklater's 'rather insane' vision came to life

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by Paul Johnson posted Jul 9 2014 1:47PM
When we last left Harry, he was standing on Platform 9 1/2, watching his own son go off to Hogwarts. So what happened next? J.K. Rowling suprised fans with a short character update. Read about it here.

'Harry Potter' returns in a J.K. Rowling short story

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by Paul Johnson posted Jul 7 2014 10:17AM
This is great footage of Luke from High School in a production of "Annie Get Your Gun". It's obvious how strong his voice was, even back then. And his acting is fun, too. Enjoy.

Aubrey (Breneman) Dorsch and Luke Bryan starring together in a high school musical

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by Paul Johnson posted Jul 3 2014 3:13PM
Garth has promised a massive tour, but he's been mum on the details. But it looks like we'll get those details on Monday....7/7/14. It might make Monday a little more attractive.

Garth Brooks Teases Big Announcement

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by Paul Johnson posted Jul 2 2014 4:20PM
No, Miranda didn't go full "pixie", but for someone used to having long hair.....
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