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It's hard to believe I'm back where it all started! I grew up in Northern Virginia and began my broadcast career at WFLS more than 14 years ago.

Jessica Cash
Yes, I really am a farmer’s daughter.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Paynesville, Minnesota.  I have had an opportunity to live and explore some great cities, thanks to radio.


Is It Old Fashion Or Not?

by Jessica Cash posted Jul 16 2013 7:27AM
This is for Steve....hmmmm.  If you are over 40 should you still ask her dad for permission to get married?
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07/16/2013 7:27AM
Is It Old Fashion Or Not?
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07/16/2013 7:30AM
It's definitely a sign of respect. I think if dad isn't around then you still ask mom. It's a decision that impacts the whole family. YOU FIRST STEVE! Scot
07/16/2013 7:36AM
My hollyberry!!
Are you going to ask my hollyberry????? Ohhhh my! Please let me know when!!!! I need a good cry! And yes.... Ask her Daddy. She is a good girl and her Dad would enjoy teasing you. He will be cool. I'm so excited!!!!! I have tears in my eyes now. Iknow her momma would love you!!!!!
07/16/2013 7:41AM
Our children are our children, no matter the age. As long as her Dad is alive, he deserves to be asked for his daughter's hand in marriage. It not only shows you respect her but also him. And....if you ever want to be invited for Sunday Dinner, that is a priority!
07/16/2013 7:49AM
You better believe it!
I am 56 years of age. My now fiancee asked my father who is a retired Marine with failing health who is in his 70s when we were visiting over Memorial Day weekend. He and my stepmother knew before I did that he was going to propose when we went out for lunch that afternoon. That was one of the happiest moments for my dad in recent years and it lead to a weekend celebration. He was honored that my fiancee wanted to share that special time with he and my stepmom. We all celebrated and it was wonderful and my father felt special!
07/16/2013 7:55AM
your never to old
I think at any age you should ask the fathers's a sign of respect.
07/16/2013 8:08AM
Peaceful Feeling
In late Sept 2011, I was 41 years young. My (then) "boyfriend" was also 41. He was home on R&R from Afghanistan, invited my parents to dinner and unknown to me, asked my father if he could ask me to marry him. As I was later told, my fathers response was "it's about time!" On October 9th, he asked me and on October 11th, departed for Afghanistan for the remaining 6 months. On October 31st, we unexpectedly lost my father. We were married in May 2012 and while my father was not physically with us, knowing he "approved" gave me peace knowing he was smiling down on us.
07/16/2013 9:16AM
Shows a sign of respect. If your intended was raised by Mom, then ask Mom! Never hurts to start out on the RIGHT foot with your future in-law! Good luck Steve!
07/16/2013 4:14PM
Best Bet.
It shows both her and her family that you truly care for her and that you want to share your life with not only her but all of her family.
07/23/2013 2:44PM
Great thought
this is a great point you raised
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