Jury Recommends Three Years in Ex Cop's Manslaughter Trial

by AP posted Feb 1 2013 4:41PM
      CULPEPER, Va. (AP) - A jury is recommending three years in prison for a former Culpeper police officer who fatally shot an unarmed woman.
     Media reports say the jury delivered its recommendations Friday in the trial of Daniel Harmon-Wright. The punishment is on the low end of sentencing guidelines.
     Tuesday, jurors convicted the defendant of voluntary manslaughter in the Feb. 9, 2012, death of Patricia Ann Cook. He said he shot Cook after she attempted to drive away in her vehicle with his arm caught in the window.
     Culpeper County Circuit Judge Susan Whitlock on Friday denied a motion that had been brought Wednesday by attorneys for Harmon-Wright. They said jurors who convicted Harmon-Wright consulted a dictionary to guide their deliberations on the meaning of "malice," indicating they were confused about jury instructions.
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02/01/2013 11:17AM
Judge Denies Mistrial In Officer's Case
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02/02/2013 3:32AM
jurors don't need a dictionary to hear a case pertaining to murder and why did he have his gun drawn and in the window in the first place?, the last time I checked it should have been a flash light in one hand looking in and the other hand on his holster, and no offense but I was sentenced to 17 years with 13 suspended 4 4 felonies and the worst was a stolen truck and destruction of property .. But he kills an unarmed woman and is facing 3 years!!!!!, where's the justice at in that.. Cop or not they are only people with a badge that's it and he needs to be held accountable 4 his crime and why did I get so much time 4 what I did and he walks ,,, please explain that to me and my life has been he'll since my 4 non violent felonies in 97 when I was 17 in Stafford county. 5408679862 please call and explain that.. My name is david
02/02/2013 3:41AM
my apologies the # to reach me is 8046878692
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