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Keep Fireworks Safe for Your Family and Your Pets

by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 30 2014 9:20AM
It wouldn't be much of a Fourth of July without fireworks, but you should put safety first if you're thinking of going the DIY route. 
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is out with a report that shows a spike in fireworks related deaths and injuries. It's also got safety tips on fireworks, that include never letting young children set them off alone. Yes, that even means sparklers, snakes or smoke bombs. Get all the info at
The ligh shows may be beautiful for us to look at, but the loud noises and flashing can scare a lot of our pets. If yours is afraid of thunderstorms, chances are they'll be afraid of fireworks, so leave the at home, inside. If Fido does go, keep them clear of DIY shows, since they might try to bit or run at fireworks. If you're going out into crowds, make sure they have a collar and tags, in case they run off. 
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06/30/2014 9:22AM
Keep Fireworks Safe for Your Family and Your Pets
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