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Latest Wave of Attacks Leave 95 Dead in Iraq

by Associated Press posted May 20 2013 5:23PM
  BAGHDAD (AP) - Today's wave of attacks in Iraq has now left at least 95 people dead.
     The worst of the violence took place in Baghdad, where 10 car bombs ripped through open-air markets and other areas of Shiite neighborhoods. Police say at least 48 people were killed and more than 150 wounded in those attacks. 
     One bomb went off in a market in the northern Shiite neighborhood of Shaab, killing 14 people. 
     The predominantly Shiite city of Basra in southern Iraq was also hit, with two car bombs -- one outside a restaurand and another at the city's main bus station. At least 13 people died in those attacks.
     Police and health officials say nine people were killed and 26 wounded when a parked car bomb struck Shiite worshippers as they were leaving a mosque in the southern city of Hillah.
     North of Baghdad, a car bomb exploded next to a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims. A police officer says 13 Iranians and one Iraqi were killed. 
     There's been no claim of responsibility for the attacks, but Sunni militants are suspected. Sunni insurgents, particularly al-Qaida in Iraq, are known to use such large-scale bombings. 
     The violence pushes the death toll over the past week to more than 240. It extends one of the most sustained bouts of sectarian violence the country has seen in years. 

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05/27/2013 5:10AM
Latest Wave of Attacks Leave 95 Dead in Iraq
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