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Like Tennis, Badminton or Ping Pong? how About Pickleball?

by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 16 2014 11:26AM
If you like tennis, badminton or ping pong, you can try your hand at a new sport in the area that combines them's called pickleball.
Launched by Fredericksburg Parks and Rec, it's played with two square paddles and an oversized wiffle ball. It's a shorter game where players can rotate in and out through 11-point matches. Bring your own paddles and a ball to play at the new court at Kenmore Park. Learn how to play at clinics coming there September 13th and October 4th.  
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07/16/2014 11:27AM
Like Tennis, Badminton or Ping Pong? how About Pickleball?
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10/29/2014 10:24PM
Some good advice
You will have a blast playing it. Remember some of the things I'm going to list: If you've played any of the other racket sports, you'll see glimpses of them at various points in the game. But beware, Pickleball offers it's own challenges. The court is a Badminton court and outside the NV Zone aka Kitchen, you'll do some quick rapid fire volleys reminiscent of badminton. The strokes are short tennis type strokes, so you should initially not use your wrist too much, instead use your arm. Once you learn to hit consistently and can rally well with ground strokes and control the ball you can get creative with spins and lobs etc. Remember the two bounce rule, stay out of the kitchen on volleys only, say the score correctly and loudly only call the lines on your side of the court. A word of caution, this holey ball does not bounce real high like ones you may be used to in tennis, moves slower at times and bend the knees and run. It's about exercise and fun. The good players mix it up a lot, so it's not just about hitting hard although you can. It's about placing the ball, working the point and forcing an error. That will make you a tactical player with skill and a better than average repertoire of strokes. One that is hard to play against. Now this will set you apart and help you have even more fun by winning as much as you care to win. Yet it must not only be about winning, because you can put too much pressure on you and your partner and end up losing, which is ok. As long as you have fun and take it in the stride. I can't handle bad sports who carry on with their charades and put a damper on others spirits. The clinic will teach you what you need, but ask questions to clarify doubts. I'm not about reading a book about the gam end trying to remember what you read when it comes time to put it in action. I'm about playing and learning it as you go. Caution: don't get lost in space when saying the score, because it's like running off a bunch of numbers for the lottery, and leave you confused. Repeat the score each point and you will end up remembering it and correcting others. Good luck! Go Pickleball!
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