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Local Civil Right's Activist Speaks at Germanna Black History Event

by Deirdre Blake posted Feb 18 2013 6:29PM
This area and the world look very different today than they did in the late 1950s and early 1960's. 
The civil rights movement in Fredericksburg in part of a free Black History month discussion held at Germanna Community College Monday night. Long-time local civil rights activist, musician and teacher Gaye Adegbalola, then Gaye Todd, is among those speaking. 
She says the sit-ins at lunch counters here were in large stores like People's Drug and Worlworths. The same thing was happening at those large stores all through the south. Adegbalola says it was a powerful non-violent way to protest segregation and "when you hit people in their pocketbooks, their hearts will follow."
Gaye says she is happy to see that the Fredericksburg area and the world are more tolerant today. "In my mother's day, she was forced to have two feet in the black world. I have a foot in each and my son's feet are free."
Photo of a young Gaye Adegbalola, then Todd, as seen on a placard today at the corner of Caroline and William Streets in Fredericksburg.
Photo of sit-ins that were organized in Fredericksburg lunch counters. 
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02/18/2013 6:33PM
Local Civil Right's Activist Speaks at Germanna Black History Event
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