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Local Dunkin Donuts Won't Reopen; Auction Set Next Week

by Deirdre Blake posted Oct 11 2013 7:10AM
 If you'd hoped to again stop at the Dunkin Donuts on Salem Church Road for your morning cup of joe, you're out of luck.
The kitchen equipment, shelving, appliances and furniture inside will be sold at public auction next Friday. It's one of three in the area that recently closed, related to a legal battle between the franchisee and the parent company.  
10/11/2013 7:11AM
Local Dunkin Donuts Won't Reopen; Auction Set Next Week
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10/14/2013 12:17PM
So will they ever give their former employees their last pay check they didn't receive???
My husband work at the dunkin donuts off rt 3 and he did not receive his last check and we couldn't pay our rent because of that had our electric cut off and other bills way behind because they cheated him and all the other employers out of their pay they worked for.... That isn't fair the owner should be ashamed .....
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