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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 31 2014 9:33AM
You'll see lots of people around Fredericksburg's Hurkamp Park tonight.
The more than 200 people that bought tickets will be helping crown the local "Sandwich King" in the inaugural "Sandwich Invitational." It kicks of ten days of summer restaurant week that starts tomorrow and runs for ten days. Seventeen participating restaurants will offer two special menu selections for 20-bucks. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 31 2014 9:32AM

A word of caution from a local infectious disease specialist about going swimming in the Potomac River or other local waterways, especially after days of heavy rain.
A Stafford man is getting a skin graft after he picked up a vibrio bacteria, that's acted like a flesh eating virus. He scraped his knee on a board off a dock in an inlet in the Potomac and got sick later that day. Doctors say if you're going swimming make sure you don't have any cuts or open sores on your body. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 31 2014 9:28AM

The recent death of a young almost mother of five from Spotsylvania is a reminder to be aware of what your allergic to and to be ready.
It was ultimately a brain anuerism that took Sarah Harkins' life, but multiple bee stinks caused the initial shock. A nature camp she was leading this weekend for home schooled kids at St. Mary's Catholic Church will be run by her friends instead. Money is still being raised for Sarah's family at 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 31 2014 9:27AM
If you've got to do some business with the city of Fredericksburg, you'll be doing it at a new spot, starting next week.
The Fredericksburg Circuit Court is moving from the long-time Renwick building, one block away, to the new courthouse at 701 Princess Anne Street. The General District and Circuit courts will be closed tomorrow and Monday for the move. The next cases in the new building are set for next Thursday.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 31 2014 9:22AM
You might think of college frat guys as being all about parties, but a group of them from the Pi Kappa Fraternity in California are making a real difference.
More than 30 of them have been cycling on a 3900 mile journey to raise awareness for people with disabilities. The Push America's Journey of Hope Team gets to the Rappahannock Adult Activities building in Fredericksburg at 5:00 p.m. today. They get to the capitol Saturday and every one of them has committed to raising a minimum of $5,500 bucks.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 31 2014 9:20AM
More fake money has surfaced in our region. A Stafford man is facing a felony charge after being accused of trying to buy fast food with a counterfeit $20 bill yesterday.
A quick employee at the Warrenton Road McDonald's apparently knew immediately it was fake though. He gave the cops multiple stories about where the bill might have come from, but they found eight more in his car.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 31 2014 9:19AM
You may have already been enjoying what the annual Fredericksburg Fair has to offer and still can through Sunday, but another one is right around the corner. Advanced ticket sales for the State Fair of Virginia start tomorrow on The event at the Meadow Event Park in Caroline starts September 26th through October 5th.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 31 2014 9:18AM
Back to school is on the way and Stafford schools need your help to get supplies to kids in need. It's taking donations at the Porter and England Run Libraries and Chick-Fil-A restaurants on Dunn Drive and International Parkway. Get those details at
A collection for Spotsylvania students is tomorrow from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Southpoint Walmart.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 31 2014 9:17AM
It'll cost you more to send your kids to Virginia colleges and universities, thanks to a decision by the State Council for Higher Education.
It says undergraduates at public four-year schools will see an average increase of about 5 percent, or $544, in tuition and fees in the 2014-15 academic year. Virginia community college students will pay about $180 more per year, or an increase of 4.6 percent.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 30 2014 9:11AM
A long awaited groundbreaking is set for VRE's new station in Spotsylvania, in the Crossroads Industrial Park, on August 12th.
It's also advertising for bids on the new station and 15-hundred space parking lot. Earlier this month, VDOT filed a "certificate of take" in court that lets the county start the construction process. The property owners and VDOT could still go to court to settle the price for the 25 acres of land.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 30 2014 9:08AM

You can get everything from notebooks, folders and backpacks to calculators and even clothes during this weekend's back to school tax holiday.
It runs from Friday through Sunday for school supplies 20 bucks or less. For clothing and shoes, they have to cost under 100-dollars. The average local family will spend nearly $700 to stock up for the school year.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 30 2014 9:07AM
Many of you lined the streets of Stafford to honor the life of Marine Staff Sergeant David Stewart, who was killed in Afghanistan last month.
Now this Friday a group of college students will hold a 24 hour relay at Sport and Health to help his family. The dozen teams, up to 60 people, will trade off riding a stationary bike from 7 p.m. Friday to 7 p.m. Saturday. You can come cheer them on and donate there or on-line at
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by Raphael Okure posted Jul 30 2014 9:02AM

If you've lived here for a long time, you might not remember the big building at 900 Princess Anne Street being anything but a National Bank and now a PNC branch, but that's about to change.
That PNC branch will close at 3 p.m. on November 21st and be consolidated with the Chatham office on Chatham Heights Road, less than a mile away. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln and Confederate President Jefferson Davis both visited the building during the Civil War, as paintings in its lobby show customers.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 30 2014 8:48AM

Still planning a summer getaway? Some Apps for your smartphone or tablet can help you.
Personal Finance experts with TheStreet say if you're headed to a foreign country, the Google Translate app helps you communicate. TripAdvisor helps find hotels, flights, restaurants and rentals. And Expensify lets you track your receipts and bank accounts to stay on budget.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 30 2014 8:26AM
Crowds came out to the Fredericksburg Fairgrounds to get wowed by the King BMX Stunt Show last night. The former America's Got Talent team, that placed 48 on that show, soared through the air here at the fair. It was also dollar ride ticket night and runs through this weekend. Get the daily schedule at
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 11:28AM
If you're debating on stopping to buy that scratch off lottery ticket on your way home from work, this story might make the decision for you.
 Carl Johnson of Caroline County is $100,000 richer after he stopped and bought a winning $5 crossword ticket at the Lafayette Gulf, on Lafayette Boulevard, in Fredericksburg. It was the last of the top prizes and for now, the car dealership manager doesn't have big plans for the cash. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 9:06AM

Which one sounds more tasty to you, the "Big Wolf Burger," a "pretzel bread slider" or a "Maui Wowi"? They're all names of sandwiches up to win a prize at the inaugural Fredericksburg Sandwich Inivitational next Thursday night.
It's the brainchild of the owners of Foode in Fredericksburg and kicks off ten days of summer restaurant week in the city. The event at Hurkamp Park is 25 bucks a pop on visit-fred-dot-com, but get em' fast. They're only selling 250.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 9:05AM
Do you already have kids, but have another one on the way and you're worried about how they'll adjust?
Spotsy Regional Medical Center is stepping in to help with a sibling Class at :00 a.m. tomorrow, for kids ages two through nine. They'll hear about what a new baby will mean in their house and make a big brother/big sister craft to take home. It's free to attend and the classes are usually held once a month. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 9:04AM
 Even if you're not planning to run the Marine Corps Marathon this October, you can still be involved.
Its' making a call for volunteers to help with everything from packet pick-up and manning water stations to people helping out that have skills like massage and medical training. You could volunteer anytime from October 23rd until the 26th. Sign up at
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 9:03AM
If you want to run for a good cause, but think you're not in good enough shape, a local doctor is here to help. Dr. Daniel Gray of Pratt Medical Center is hosting a free eight week "Couch to 5K" program.
It's in preparation for the ninth annual Baron "Deuce" P. Braswell Run Against Teen Violence on September 20th. The training will be every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center's main entrance.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 9:02AM
You never know when your kids can be put in a dangerous position.
A former employee at a boarding school in Caroline County is charged with 13 counts of child endangerment. Caroline County Sheriff Tony Lippa says 13 male students of Abundant Life Academy were forced to do drills in a swamp in 35-degree weather, then made to wash off in a lake. Many of them got sick as a result.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 9:00AM
It looks like tornadoes are continuing to become more of a reality here in Virginia. 
The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down at Cherrystone Family Camping & RV Resort in rural Northampton County yesterday morning. State Police say that it killed a New Jersey couple and more than two dozen were hurt.
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has cut a political fundraising trip short tp go see the damage the tornado did yesterday. More than 13-hundred people were at the campground in tents, campers and cottages when the storm hit, knocking down trees and flipping over some campers.
One woman says the sky turned jet black and hail that was as big as an inch was falling. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 8:57AM
A summer time tradition in are gets under way today. The 276th annual Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair kicks at 5:00 tonight at the fairgrounds on Airport Ave.
There's lots of stuff to do for all ages from farm animals, food and rides to a bunch of new entertainment. The King BMX Stunt Show from America's Got Talent performs Monday and Tuesday nights. It runs for 10 days straight and you can get more at
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 8:56AM
Some reconstruction of the Metrorail system continues this weekend, but the biggest changes on the ride, if you're taking in DC as a tourist, will be on the Red Line.
It starts at 10 tonight and runs through Sunday. Service on the new Silver Line also starts tomorrow at noon, so be ready for changes on the Blue Line from it and some longer waits between scheduled trains. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 8:55AM
If you love horses and history, the Meadow Event Park in Caroline is the place to be tomorrow and early Sunday.
It's hosting a historic family reunion of equestrian descendants of the Meadow. The Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Show will bring in 51 horses that are related to the famed racehorse Secretariat. A special ceremony is at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow. The show is free and open to the public.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 8:54AM
 The first formal debate of the campaign season is this Saturday morning at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.
The Virginia Bar Association invited Democratic Incumbent Senator Mark Warner to face off against Republican challenger Ed Gillespie. Libertarian Robert Sarvis won't be there, since the VBA's president says he doesn't meet its' criteria for invitations.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 25 2014 8:53AM
 A northern Virginia Congressman is standing up for the rights of animals and wants to have cosmetics being tested on them banned.
More than 50 other lawmakers are joining Jim Moran of Arlington on the Humane Cosmetics Act. It would phase out animal testing for makeup in the U.S. within a year, and on what's imported within three years.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:26AM
Hopefully you already saw the letter, but if you're a Dominion Virginia Power customer in King George, don't expect to blow dry your hair after a shower this Saturday morning and afternoon.
Its' crews will be doing work on some local distribution facilities and have to cut the electricity from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. In case the schedule changes, make sure your acount info's current so they can call you.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:23AM

Summer travel has left the American Red Cross in a tough spot and it's got a looming blood and platlet shortage, already with 80,000 fewer recent donations.
Types O negative, B negative and A negative blood are especially needed. There's a drive next Tuesday at the Spotsy Regional Medical Center and then at several regional businesses and churches through August 10th. Get the whole list at
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:20AM

Summer heat and traffic can make tempers flare, but take a moment to  calm down, especially when you're driving.
Fredericksburg cops are dealing with another case of road rage. This time a Unionville man is arrested in Central Park after he cut off the car of a Stafford driver, then got behind it and ended up waving a gun at the man and his girlfriend. He also had two small kids in the back seat.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:18AM
If you buy tickets to ride VRE from the 7-11 at the intersection of Leeland and Deacon Roads in Stafford, today's the last day to get them there.
The business has been sold, so starting tomorrow the vendor spot will stop selling the tickets. VRE officials say they are trying to work with the new owner and looking for another nearby convenient store. Until then, a list of other Fredericksburg line vendors is on 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:17AM
The design for Riverfront Park in Fredericksburg, on Sophia Street,  includes a tall mast that leans toward the Rappahannock River.
Some are saying it reminds them of the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Prince William. An Alexandria-based group is designing the concept for the 3.6 acres park. They will meet with the city's Architectural Review Board at a work session on August 4th. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:16AM
If you live on work around the area of Dukes Creek marina, in the Lake Anna area, you could hear some odd noises again today. County officials say a film crew on site there will be responsible. You may hear what sounds like gunfire in the area from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:14AM
 Before you hit the road for summer travel, make sure you know all the safety seat laws for kids in Virginia and neighboring states, even if you're just a family member and they're not your kids.
If you rent a car and can't bring a car seat with you, you can usually rent one from the company too. In Virginia, kids under a year 1 have to be in a rear facing infant seat, from one to eight, they need a child safety seat or booster seat and until they're 18, they all have to sit in the back seat.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:14AM
Good news you use the crowded Staffordboro commuter lot. The project to double its' size and add a thousand parking spaces there is almost done, but it means changes by the end of this week. At 7 Thursday night, one 130 spot area closes and a new 280 space one opens. Slow down, be careful and look for lots of signs on the new traffic pattern. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:13AM
All the recent scams reported should be a reminder to keep your personal information close and check your mail every day.
That information may be what helped a Spotsylvania woman open credit card accounts in three other local women's names. Cops traced a paper trail and a po box back to the woman and found the bogus cards in a safe and mail from 20 area residents in her house. She'd already been charged with embezzelment from her old job at Wells Fargo Bank.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:11AM

Most of us know to check the Carfax report, especially if we buy a used model. Now the company's making it easier to know if it's been involved in wrecks.
The car re-seller can now get accident reports from police departments across the U.S. Carfax says in many cases, the reports now available through Crash-docs-dot-org are sold at the same price charged if you get them in person at the police station.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 24 2014 9:08AM
Police have now found a gun in the car of a man from Fauquier that sped away from a deputy and flipped over on Route 17, and died at a hospital.
Doctors found the gunshot wound after he was taken to the hospital. While cops were looking for the gun at the crash scene, another man slammed into the cruiser. He's facing DUI and other charges. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:33AM

Are you into craft beer and music? You can try some out and take some in at a festival at the Blue & Gray Brewing Company in Fredericksburg this Saturday.
Doors open at 6 p.m. and the concert will begin at 7 p.m. The bands range from The Pietasters soul roots and reggae to bluegrass and country. On-line tickets are 15 bucks through today, they're 18 at the door. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:32AM

A new memorial is rising near the National Mall that will be the first in Washington dedicated to veterans who come home with life-changing injuries.
The American Veterans Disabled For Life Memorial is set to be dedicated October 5th. Glass walls will carry inscriptions and photos. Bronze silhouette sculptures will represent their service and a ceremonial flame will burn on the water's surface. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:31AM

If you live in Colonial Beach, hopefully you already got the word to boil your water before you drink it.
It comes after a routine test at a home on July 8th tested positive for E-coli that could now affect about 25-hundred homes. The town is flushing pipes and adding more chlorine, before taking more samples. E. coli's an indicator the water could be contaminated with human or animal wastes.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:29AM

When you see a black Dodge Dakota parked around the area with writing all over it, it's not a mistake, but the owner's idea, after a deer hit the side of the truck.
When Bowling Green resident and Physicist Jason Phillips got a quote to fix it, he decided to paint it with chalkboard paint and leave out chalk for people to write on it as a social experiment. So far he says, there's not been one bad word, just things like "Carpe diem," "Inspire," "Give back" or "Live Long and Prosper." 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:27AM
Have you wondered how much Stafford has really grown when you sit in traffic around the area?
The answer is alot and the proof's in lawmakers agreeing that the county will need to invest in a sixth high school. Expansions are already planned at Brooke Point, Mountain View and Colonial Forge high, that will each get about 200 more students by 2019.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:26AM

Are you already wondering if it's worth it to drive on the new tolled express lanes when they open and how much more your commute will set you back?
You can already check the average price to travel before they open or before you get on the road next year. Price Alerts are available now by setting up an on-line account, then you can get the info by e-mail or a text. Just log onto 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:25AM
Stafford resident and chef Chris Kyler is richer in experience, but doesn't have the title of "Food Network Star."
He became the seventh finalist to be cut on the July 13th episode. He says he started cooking after he was inspired by a Disney Cookbook his Mom bought him as a kid. For now he'll continue to work on the success of his A+ Catering, that runs out of mobile kitchens and does events in northern Virginia and DC. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:25AM
Higher meat and cheese price will mean it'll cost you a little more, to have a picnic at home for ten people this summer, but it's still be cheaper than going out.
American Farm Bureau Federation data shows it's still less than $6 per person for a menu that includes hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pork spare ribs, potato salad, baked beans, corn chips, watermelon, lemonade and chocolate milk. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:24AM
Some long awaited raises are coming to people that work for Caroline County Schools. The school budget gots a green light with lawmakers and adds extra federal and state money, on top of what was already approved. It will mean a step increase for the county's teachers and a 4 percent raise for support staff, which includes bus drivers, teachers aides and nurses.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:22AM
Here's a warning for StubHub customers. It's the latest online seller to be hit by a security breach.
The site and a law enforcement official say cyber thieves got into more than a-thousand customers' accounts and fraudulently bought tickets for events through the online ticket reseller. Cops expect to make arrests in the case, which appears to have sprawled across international borders. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 23 2014 10:20AM
Police from Virginia and Fauquier are looking for the person accused of shooting a 24 year old man that died after leading a deputy on a high speed chase.
That happened after Corey Chamberlain started tailgating the marked car and then sped off. He ended up losing control and flipping over on Route 17. Doctors at Inova Fairfax Hospital found young man's gunshot wound, but there was no weapon in the car or where it wrecked.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 22 2014 11:08AM
- Don't be alarmed by the bells you'll hear going off at the University of Mary Washington's Fredericksburg and Stafford campuses tomorrow.
It'll test its area warning system at 10:00 a.m. Along with the alarms, emergency alerts will go out to the UMW community, but it's all just a quarterly test to make sure it is working properly.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 22 2014 10:54AM
 You probably talk to your kids about how to stay safe when they're out in public, but now they can learn from the professionals.
The Fredericksburg Police Department is holding a Rape Agression Defense class designed for kids on Tuesday nights next month. Pre-register through Fredericksburg Parks and Rec at
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 22 2014 10:52AM
More than 40 percent of people surveyed across northern Virginia and DC say they're still planning to hit an amusement or water park this summer.
TripAdvisor-dot-com says some will take in a community water slide, like the Dixon Park Pool in Fredericksburg or the Butler Road YMCA. Others will go to Kings Dominion, Six Flags or Water Country USA, which is ranked 5th in the nation.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 22 2014 10:51AM
 A reminder to talk to your older parents and loved ones in your life about who they trust with their money. 
Another Stafford man in his 60s has been taken for over $26,000 by a con man pretending to be someone trying to award him a more than million sweepstakes. The suspect got all the money by saying the victim had to pay taxes before getting his prize. 
The Virginia Lottery's launching its' own campaign and hopes "Play Smart" will make people be more careful when someone tells them they've won a large prize. In most cases, criminals email or call to tell you you've one a large prize, but need to pony up money for taxes and your personal information first. 
Your credit cards are still at risk too. Look out for those small devices that can be attached to atms or the credit card swipes at the gas pump. A few local banks are reporting that numbers have been swiped after people got gas at a few WaWa pumps. In Fairfax, more of them are stealing info from ATM customers. And in recent weeks it happened with charges made at local Giant Food stores because of hackers.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 21 2014 10:03AM
The 2014 Training Camp for Washington's home NFL team gets underway in Richmond this Thursday.
Eleven of the days, through August 11th, will be open to the public for free. Getting a pass also registers you for a lottery into a fan appreciation day on Saturday the 2nd and to see them practice with the New England Patriot's the morning of August 6th. Get more at
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 21 2014 10:02AM
It's been just over a year since texting while driving became something a cop can stop you for and give you a ticket and locally most people are playing it safe.
Fredericksburg cops charged 16 drivers for doing it last year. Spotsy charged nine and Stafford nabbed three. Police say it's still tough to figure out if a driver's texting or just talking on the phone, which is still legal.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 21 2014 9:59AM
Police in southern Kentucky say they got a surprise delivery after charging a man with shoplifting -- five pizzas showed up at the station.
Officers say 29 year old Michael Harp asked to make a call on his cellphone while being booked in. A short time later, police say, a pizza delivery driver showed up to deliver to "Officer Wilson," the name of the officer who arrested Harp. Police say they linked the call to Harp by tracking his cellphone number. So now he's also charged with  identity theft and impersonating a police officer. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 21 2014 9:23AM
Have you always wanted to know more about the ins and outs of plants, now's your chance. For a commitment of 6 hours a week for 3 months and just under 200 bucks you can earn a Volunteer Master Gardener designation.
After you're done it requires volunteering for 50 hours in the first year and 20 hours after that. Call or e-mail your local Cooperative Extension Office and applications for fall classes will be sent out next month.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 21 2014 9:19AM
You'll hit a snag in your drive at night on I-95 again this week. North and South from, the Prince William Pkwy. to Dumfries Rd., they'll be alternating double-lane closures with single 20 minute temporary total closures, at 3 a.m. Northbound through Thursday the work starts 10 p.m. and runs until to 4:30 a.m. Then Friday it's 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. on Saturday, just in time for the weekend getaway. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 21 2014 9:16AM
Service at the Fredericksburg Regional SPCA is expanding to full-time service on August 4th and bringing in a full time vet.
Dr. Robert Edwards will offer the public spay and neuter service for cats and dogs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Vaccines will be offered on Fridays. The clinic also will offer routine services such as nail trims, ear cleaning, deworming and flea and tick treatments. Make an appointment now of you want to take your pet next month.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 21 2014 9:12AM
 If you ride Metro's Blue line from Virginia to work this week, you'll start seeing trains run every 12 minutes, thanks to the test of the new Silver line. Metro says half the trains an hour will now be eight cars long, rather than six though. So, you can also expect to back in or have to stand, depending on which one you're lucky enough to get.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 21 2014 8:59AM
 If you plan to get a jump on back to school shopping in the coming days, be smart and do your homework first. 
Kendall Perez with Kinoli inc. says you don't have to always go the conventional route. You can check out drugstore sales, garage sales and dollar stores. If you do want to go to the big box stores, supplies under 20-bucks will be tax free throughout the state next Friday through Sunday. Clothes and shoes that are under $100 are also on that list.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 18 2014 7:57AM
Most of us keep close tabs on what we owe and have paid the electric company, but a new scam is preying on the people that don't. 
Casey Hollis says it's happening to their Rappahannock Electric customers, with calls coming from a bogus company employee. People are being told that they owe money for overdue electric bills and could have their service disconnected if they don't pay. Some of the calls are also saying that they need account info. to pay for swapping out a faulty electric meter.
If you do get a call, don't give out any information and report it to the REC fraud line at 1-800-552-3904.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 18 2014 7:54AM

If you're looking for a job, don't be so desperate for work that you fall for a scam.
The folks with Taskforce Staffing in Fredericksburg say dealing with a live company is always best. In the most recent one, jobs are posted on Craigslist, but request a fee from 200 to 12-hundred-dollars for training. There's no job and then the agency refuses to give back what you paid. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 18 2014 7:53AM
If you need to go to the HealthSouth Rehab Center in Fredericksburg, you can consider yourself in good hands if you get Margaret Simpson as a nurse.
The 17 year horse caretaker transitioned to human patients to be closer to home. Now the R.N. is a finalist in HealthSouth's companywide Outstanding Employee Achievement Awards. She is only 6 out of 23-thousand employees to get the recognition.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 18 2014 7:27AM
- A strong reminder to know where your teenagers are and what they're doing after a 17 year old from Stafford is arrested for burglary.
Police traced him to more than $150,000 worth of property, including guns, ammo, jewelry and foregign currency. He's charged with burglary, grand larceny and possession of burglary tools and is in the Rappahannock Juvenile Detention Center.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:54AM
Need a tranquil vacation to recharge your battery? You could win a week's stay in a cabin or campsite in one of Virginia's 36 state parks.
It's up for grabs in a photo contest sponsored by the Virginia State Parks system. The "Treasure the Moments," competion asks us to capture locations, scenic views or other attractions. You could also win two nights in a cabin, three nights of camping and park passes. The contest continues through August 13th.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:54AM
Do you ever want a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich in Fredericksburg that you don't have to make at home? Sprelly to the rescue.
The gourmet nut butter business is opening its first restaurant inside the Made in Virginia Store on Caroline Street this fall. It's a p-b and j with a twist though. You can get nut butter spreads and jams with different lunch meats, cheeses, bacon and fruit as well as jelly. get a preview at the Sprelly food truck at the Hunrhamp Park farmer's market every Saturday.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:53AM
The decision to outsource more work will mean a hit for more than 150 of Intuit's 500 employees in Stafford County.
They'll be laid off as part of a corporation-wide restructuring, but will work through the end of this month. The majority of them are in the customer service division. The software manufacturer's best-known for Quicken, QuickBooks, Mint and TurboTax.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:48AM
You'd better plan for some extra time if you're taking Metro to DC this weekend.
Rail and other work starts at 10:00 Friday night. Trains on the Blue line from Virginia and the Orange line will run every 22 minutes and on Sunday, it's every 24 minutes. There will be shorter delays on the Green and Red lines.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:47AM
The organizers of the State Fair of Virginia are hitting the road to promote the expo this fall.
They've launched a bus named "Ginny," that will travel in the Richmond and Fredericksburg areas. Fair Facebook fans named it and it'll make stops at a Richmond Flying Squirrels game and Celebrate Virginia here in Fredericksburg. The fair in Caroline runs September 26th through October 5th. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:46AM
Good news for the Stafford parents of little  Josh Hardy, who's spent almost seven months at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
He's returning home to Fredericksburg. His Mom Amiee posts online that his kidney function has returned and he no longer needs dialysis. His heart and lung function is in normal range too. You can follow the progress of the Hugh Mercer Elementary student at
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:44AM
The local and online community is rallying to help the family of a Stafford man with a heart problem that died very unexpectedly Sunday.
A crowdfunding effort has already raised $15,000 to help with Wayne Beales funeral expenses, but a family friend wants it to help pay his wife Joni's mortgage for a couple months too. She wants her and their six kids, from toddlers to teens, can have time to grieve and not worry about money. You can help at 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:43AM
How much do you know about fracking? Do you want to know more? King George County residents are trying to learn what they can and share it with their neighbors, with the proposal for water and gas to be pumped into the ground there to release natural gas.
You gotta reserve a spot, but tonight at 6 p.m., you can check out a screen of teh movie Gasland at the Smoot Memorial Library. A Texas company has leased 84,000 acres in King George and four other counties with the hopes of drilling. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:42AM
At least for the time being, it's no longer a criminal offense to carry a joint in your pocket in most of the nation's capital.
DC's law decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana takes effect today. It's not clear how long it will last though. The law replaces criminal penalties for possession of one ounce of pot with a $25 civil fine. Having more than that, smoking in public, and selling marijuana are still crimes.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:40AM
Do you live in Spotsylvania and want more info on what's going on?
More than 15,000 people already signed up for spotsy alerts to get everything from weather warnings and school closings to updates on cancelled sporting events. It's free to register and you can customize what you get on 
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Location : Spotsylvania
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 17 2014 9:40AM
Enjoy the nice weather for the next few days, but the damage from a couple days of storms has been dangerous. 
Four people in a Ford Explorer learned how fast you can get in trouble from flash flooding Tuesday night. All of them escaped just before the truck was washed downstream from water at Hazel Run near Alum Spring Park. This month's rainfall if over the normal level in the city and between four and five inches has fallen in Spotsylvania. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 16 2014 11:25AM
Thanks to the friendship of two college buddies from Virginia Tech, we'll be able to get some tasty new pizza in Fredericksburg by this fall.
Benny Vitale's will be in the former Old Town Grill and Cafe spot on Caroline Street and is named for a spot in Switzerland where Zach Toth and partner Chris Brown studied abroad together. It's the seventh in Virginia in the chain and promises us "quality New York-style pizza by the slice. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 16 2014 11:24AM
Do you live in Stafford and want to get more involved in the school system?
The School Board is accepting applications for people to fill its' eight member advisory committee for 2014-2015. You'll need to attach a summary describing why you should be picked. Apply at by August 11th.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 16 2014 11:23AM
Most of us follow the warnings to keep our cars locked, but Fredericksburg Police say these days, that's not enough.
Six thefts from cars at a couple restaurants, the movie theatre and Funland in Central Park and a gym on Route 3, since last Saturday, have them worried. All of the cars were locked, but purses and other valuables were left in plain sight. Windows were broken to get to all of of the stuff that was taken.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 16 2014 11:20AM
Stafford was the hardest hit county for power outages from last nights storms, but Dominion Virginia Power crews had it down to under 300 out by this morning. People headed north from Fredericksburg still faced some dark intersections though, with power knocked out to over 1,000 in Loudoun County. Yesterday afternoon traffic got snarled at the Falmouth intersection for dark traffic lights. VDOT is investigating, but thinks it's because If you ever lose power, always report it. You can get your providers call-in number by texting POWER to 9-10-35.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 16 2014 11:01AM
Coaches in Stafford are concerned for the future after the Virginia High School League bumps the Indians from group 6A to 5A, under its' new two year plan.
A lower number of kids projected to sign up to play sports is the reason. The Indians will join Brooke Point, Massaponax, Mountain View, North Stafford and Potomac in Conference 15. Some athletic directors say continued cuts to middle school sports and is are adding to their problems. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 16 2014 11:00AM
You can rest a little easier if you get sick or need surgery and go to Mary Washington Hospital.
The latest US News and World Report's Best Hospital report ranks it sixth in Virginia. It gets high marks for patient safety and eight of its specialties are scored as 'high performing." In case you're curious: The number one in Virginia is Sentara Norfolk General.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 16 2014 10:58AM
The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation launches its Summer Concert Series at the National Museum of the Marine Corps tomorrow night.
The U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps and Silent Drill Platoon,kick it off from 7:30 til' 9:00 p.m. It's expected to be a popular event, so get there early. All the events are free and no tickets are required. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 16 2014 10:57AM
Did you know you could be in danger of being shot just for being in your house? Thankfully nobody was hurt, but Fredericksburg police are investigating several bullet holes in two houses, in Spotswood Estates off Lafayette Boulevard, early Sunday morning. The first people woke up to find them in the side of their house and a broken window. It was a similar story just down the street, but neither homeowner heard any gunshots.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 15 2014 10:50AM
To get more kids to stay in school and go to class, kids in Spotsylvania schools that miss some days from school, but aren't absent all the time are getting a little break. Right now, kids could get after-school detention and lose driving privileges after six unexcused absences. The vote by lawmakers will make punishment optional, from counseling to mandatory parent conferences. It will also revise letters sent to parents after students miss 10, 15 and 20 days.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 15 2014 10:38AM
 More good news of you like craft beer. You'll get to see what it's really like inside a brewery at the Capital Ale House's annual Oktoberfest on October 3rd.
The northern Virginia company that's filming "From Grain to Growler" will show its' new 40-minute movie. It's about the explosion of the craft beer industry and includes Stafford's Adventure Brewing Co. and Caroline's Rusty Beaver Brewery.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 15 2014 10:36AM
The warning's been out that extra police are patrolling the Fredericksburg Quarry after an 18 year old drowned there on July 7th, but some people aren't getting the message. Nine people, from ages 18 to 23, ignored the posted signs and have been charged with trespassing there since last Friday. It's a class 1 misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2500 fine.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 15 2014 10:34AM
Look for some more delays on your drive on I-95 in Spotsy tonight and tomorrow night. From 9 p.m. til' 5 a.m., the on-ramp to the southbound side of the interstate will be closed from Route 1 at Exit 126/Spotsylvania. A contractor is doing milling and paving there. Before you leave home, check out 511-Virginia for real-time information on lane closures and congestion.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 15 2014 10:31AM
If you have some stuff to do with the DMV, it'll be a little faster and more convenient today and tomorrow in Stafford. The mobile DMV issues eveything from EZ passes to birth certificate copies. It'll be at the Geico on Route 17 today and tomorrow from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 15 2014 10:21AM
 Stafford authorities need your help to try and find the people responsible for an attempted armed robbery at a house off Mine Road in the Townes of Hampton Oaks around 6 yesterday evening.
A 19 year old  and his 17 year old girlfriend were on the front porch when six to eight young men came up with a gun and then jumped the young man. They told the girl to go inside and get money. They ran off with nothing. Two of the men are black and a third is Asian.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 15 2014 10:10AM
 Caroline County's first Verizon wireless store is set to open next month.
It still needs to hire a staff for the location in the Shops at Ladysmith. If you're interested, apply online at 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 15 2014 10:09AM
Some of your yards and streets might have been littered with tree limbs and debris this monrning, after a promised line of strong storms rolled through early yesterday evening.
Most folks got lucky though and there were only a few hundred local power outages. Do look out for water from more rain that could cause problems on flood prone roads later today.
The Accuweather forecast shows that the Fredericksburg area faces the greatest threat for rain and storms this afternoon.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 14 2014 10:05AM
Local police don't want you to be paranoid, but cautious is smart. The ones in Fairfax County are investigating skimmers placed near the swipe slot on ATMs at Sun Trust banks across that area. 
Most banks are quick to contact you if there's a problem, but look out for the devices. They are hard to see and might make the swipe slot look thicker than normal. 
Do you shop at Giant Food? Your bank probably already called you if you were on the list, but there's been some fishy stuff going on. Lots of its' customers had account authorizations for phony changes from New Mexico and other spots last week. A manager at Fredericksburg's Eagle Village store says they got a warning note from their corporate office. If you were hit, make sure you file your bank's fraud form for a credit.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 14 2014 8:18AM
You may still be feeling the pinch in your wallet at the gas pump, but the average price of a gallon of regular has actually fallen 4 cents over the last three weeks to $3.67.
It's because crude oil prices fell over news that Libyan output has risen and Iraq's production was not harmed by recent violence. Tulsa, Oklahoma, has the lowest average price and the highest is in San Francisco.  
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 14 2014 8:17AM
Some wild weather is on tap for the next couple days in the Fredericksburg region, but it won't really be from another "Polar Vortex," as the National Weather Service tweeted last week. 
The typhoon that hit Japan has altered the North Pacific Jet Stream, which will change weather patterns though. Here, we'll see storms and a little drop, but don't look for a lot less humidity. Seattle could see temps in the 90s, but Chicago's lows could dip into the 40s by mid-week.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:16AM
You'll be able to learn to fly in Stafford County. Aviation Adventures holds the grand opening of its flight school at Stafford Regional Airport from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. It will teach people how to be a private pilot, commercial pilot and certificated instrument instructor. Its other schools are in Manassas, Leesburg and Warrenton. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:10AM
If you've been thinking that the produce looks extra fresh and the corn you're buying from area Giant stores tastes extra sweet, it's because it is and does. The chain's stores are being stocked by Virginia farms this summer and three of them are from King George, Colonial Beach and Oak Grove.
Now through the end of July, you can also take a selfie in the produce department and post to Giant Food's Facebook page. Two people a week will then win a 25-dollar gift card.  
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:10AM
Little Brent Adams, Jr. was born with DiGeorge syndrome. It's a rare disorder that caused him congenital heart disease and the baby had open heart surgery in November. He also has compromised immunity, but it's been seven months since their last call to 911. Proceeds from a family-friendly event tomorrow will help the family pay for medical expenses though. It's at the Fredericksburg Fairgrounds from noon to 6 p.m. tomorrow. Tickets are $5 in advance, $8 at the door. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:09AM
If you had delays on your Metro Blue line ride yesterday afternoon, it was because of a problem with a train. Just after 2:30, officials say there was a loud noise and smoke when a covering over the third rail touched the rail itself at Smithsonian Station, on the National Mall. It's not clear why it happened, but no one was hurt.
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:08AM
They already had money in the budget to patrol hot spots for crime and other problems, so now the Fredericksburg Police Department will pay overtime to some Fredericksburg cops to patrol the Fredericksburg Quarry. A drowning there this week and issues with people continuing to trespass there led to the decision. Other officers will also patrol areas that have had more of vehicle break-ins in recent weeks. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:06AM
You could end up seeing more trash on the side of the road in Stafford County, thanks to a vote by Stafford lawmakers.
It means the Rappahannock Regional Waste Management Board would stop collecting litter and put it back in the hands of residents. The plan would also take away the R-Board's responsibility of running the Belman Recycling Center in Fredericksburg. It's an effort to save the R-Board that's got a budget problem.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:05AM
Looking for something to do with the kids to kick off the weekends that's fun and will help them learn?
The National Aquarium in Baltimore is launching a new series of Friday night events to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore in 1812 that inspired the words for the national anthem. Tonight through September 12th, visitors after 5 p.m. will pay a reduced price of $18.12, until 8 p.m. There's also a special flag-themed scavenger hunt. 
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:04AM
Local athletes will benefit Friends of the Rappahannock and Operation Wounded Warrior as they tackle lots of muddy obstacles tomorrow in the third annual Tribal Quest.
It starts at 9:00 a.m., at Celebrate Virginia Live. Over 600 people will run the course, with groups of 200 launching in 30-minute intervals. Want do it last minute? On-site Registration opens at 7 a.m., for $105. We can watch the grueling journey for free and parking nearby is five-bucks.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:02AM
It had a certain "eewww" factor to it - and now police in Manassas, have decided against going forward with plans to take sexually explicit photos of a 17 year old to prove a sexting case against him. The plan by police and prosecutors to take pictures of the teen in an aroused state had produced a wave of criticism. Police wanted the pictures to compare to photos he's accused of sending to his 15 year old girlfriend. 
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 11 2014 10:02AM
While you're out shopping this weekend, you might want to pick up some number 2 pencils, book covers, crayons and dry erase markers.
They are some of the things on the needs list for this years Stuff the Bus campaign in Stafford County Public Schools. It kicks off next Tuesday through August 22nd. There are lots of drop off locations in the county, so look for the yellow collection boxes and get all the spots on the Apple Federal Credit Union website.  
by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 9 2014 11:16AM
You can hold off on your "Summertime Blues." Fredericksburg lawmakers give Alan Jackson the green light to play his show next month at Celebrate Virginia line, expecting up to 8,000 people.
They had to approve the special permit because of the local Molly Hatchet ordinance. It was put in place after that 1983 concert drew 27,000 people here. So now shows over 5,000 need extra approval to get enough porta potties, security and emergency workers to the site.
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