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Make Sure Your Lawn Mower is Ready; Buying New Tips

by Deirdre Blake posted Apr 18 2014 7:22AM
If you've stored your lawn mower all winter and are breaking it out on the move this weekend, make sure it's ready. Check and top off all the fluids and be sure there is no left over debris stuck underneath. Wear secure shoes when you mow since sandals and flip flops increase your risk of getting hurt. And with weedeaters and other lawn tools, always use the right gas or 50/50 mix, depending on the directions.
Decided it's time to shell out some cash for a new mower this year? Then you've gotta decide between gas and electric. Gas is more expensive, louder, emit extra pollution and is harder to maintain. The electric version is easier to store and makes you a little more green, but the need to plug it in or charge it could make it more of a pain too.
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04/18/2014 7:21AM
Make Sure Your Lawn Mower is Ready; Buying New Tips
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