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Massive Heatwave on the Way to Fredericksburg Region

by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 16 2014 11:14AM

After our delightful weekend, we're about to pay for it and a big change in our weather pattern is on the way. 
As high pressure slides offshore, a southerly wind will pump in heat and humidity from our south. The first heatwave of the season is likely. So how is that defined, when daytime highs reach 90°, or higher, for three consecutive days. Stay hydrated and get inside often. If you are out and get overheated or start to feel dizzy, call 911.
Your ride home on VRE might be a little longer in the next few days too. The trains will likely run about 10 miles an hour slower than normal, if heat restrictions are put in place. That happens when temperatures are over 90 degrees, in case it causes sun kinks in the rails. The delay would only be two minutes back to Springfield, but turns into an 11 minute lag by the time trains to Fredericksburg.
06/16/2014 11:15AM
Massive Heatwave on the Way to Fredericksburg Region
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