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McAuliffe Vows to Keep Sub-Standard Abortion Facilities Open

by Breitbart posted Sep 18 2013 11:39AM
VIDEO - Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has been caught on tape saying that, if elected, he will issue a directive to unilaterally allow abortion clinics that do not meet state health standards to remain open. McAuliffe: "I can do what I talked about, issue a guidance opinion by March to keep the remaining health centers open. I can do that myself as Governor. That's why I said I'll do that by March to keep the remaining, uh, Norfolk is closed. Fairfax is closed, or closing, so there will be 18 left. Only one of those 18 actually meet the, the requirements so they'll all close if I don't do that. But I will issue what's called a guidance opinion by mid-March which will say that these regulations, I have, the General Assembly wasn't definitive with the Board of Health as to the rules, I can give a guidance opinion to the Board of Health to grandfather in those remaining clinics to keep them open. That's why this election is so important, and I will do that."

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Location : Virginia
People : Terry McAuliffe
09/18/2013 11:39AM
McAuliffe Vows to Keep Sub-Standard Abortion Facilities Open
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