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Mother's Day Gift Ideas; a Contest for Teaching Kids Bad Habits

by Deirdre Blake posted May 5 2014 7:17AM
Mother's Day is this Sunday, so are you ready? 
Nine out of ten people responding to a new poll by have gift anxiety and think that most Moms return and exchange their Mother's Day gifts for something else. Don't worry though, less than two thirds of Moms poled even think their family should spend money on a gift for them at all. When they were presses about what they really wanted though, more than 30 percent surveyed say they would be most excited to spend time with their husbands and kids, instead of a store bought gift. If she were buying her own though, a trip to a spa, a nice dinner out or a gift certificate to her favorite store, top the list.  
As for how much will be spent, the average gift will be about $68, but sons will spend about $30 more than daughters.
If you're a Mom and wants to get recognized, think about this. What's the best "worst accidental lesson" you every taught your kids? We're talking about the harmless ones that you still wish they never learned. In honor of Mother's Day, is holding a contest to get the best one. You can log on and tell them yours, for a chance at a prize. The deadline to enter is this Thursday at 11:59 p.m.
05/05/2014 7:16AM
Mother's Day Gift Ideas; a Contest for Teaching Kids Bad Habits
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