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Monday, Nov. 18

Autographed Joe Gibbs football - Remember how fun it used to be to have Super Bowl aspirations every year?  Coach was a big part of it, and now he brings his Hall of Fame leadership to his Sprint Cup team.  This ball will hold a special place in your collection.

Auction Date: Tuesday, Nov. 19

Autographed Texas Stadium seatback from approximately 12 players - We're brave enough to acknowledge that there are a lot of Cowboys fans in the area.  This seat back was salvaged from the old Texas stadium, and has been signed by a host of Cowboys greats.
Auction Date: Wednesday, Nov. 20

Autographed Ray Lewis football - Arguably one of the best to ever play the game, you don't have to be a Raven's fan to appreciate how valuable this football is.  His last game was a Super Bowl win, and he'll be in the Hall of Fame as soon as he's eligible. 


Auction Date: Friday, Nov. 22

Autographed London Fletcher jersey - There's no more respected player on the Skins than London Fletcher.  With his recent trips to the Pro Bowl, his is also getting the national recognition he deserves.  Nearing the end of his career, you'll want to grab this jersey to remember this all-time great.


Autographed Ryan Kerrigan jersey - Among the current Skins players, nobody has a bigger game by game impact than this young lineman out of Purdue.  A log career is ahead of this, so this jersey will stay relevant for seasons to come.

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