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by L Jtan posted May 26 2015 10:11AM

As school winds down for the year around our region, a lesson for high school kids not to try a senior prank, like some did in St. Mary's County, Maryland. A sheriff's office news release says four juveniles are charged with burglary, property destruction, after releasing 72,000 ladybugs in a school there. Three adults will also be charged by criminal summons. One of the suspects apparently ordered the ladybugs online.
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by L Jtan posted May 26 2015 7:09AM
Courtesy of: Reuters/You Tube
The folks in a neighborhood in Brisbane, Australia say they are doing their best to steer clear of a giant kangaroo, that looks like it has been pumping iron.
The unusually buff kangaroo has recently made the area its' home. One woman tells a news station there she saw it when it jumped out, while she was walking her dogs. It's going viral, too. As of yesterday, a video report on the kangaroo has been viewed more than 381,000 times, since it was posted on Friday. Check it out:
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by Deirdre Blake posted May 20 2015 8:15AM
If your kids are new to the Boy Scouts of America, you better make sure you read the manual before hosting a summer event and inviting other kids in their group, or they could get in trouble.
Water guns OK for target shooting, but not for firing at other scouts. It also says that any water balloons they use can be no bigger than a ping pong ball. Its' director of communications says the no-water-gun rule is about more than safety, but to teach them kindness and that pointing a real or simulated firearm at someone else is not.
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by L Jtan posted May 18 2015 7:50AM
Races for a number of local Delegate, Senate and other posts are heating up in our region, ahead of the June Republican Primary, but it's nothing like Flint, Michigan.
Giggles the pig has her curly tail back in the ring, to become Flint's new Mayor. She's pitted against a candidate who was elected to city council, after serving 19 years for pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. The other is also a city councilman, who reportedly pleaded guilty to felonious assault back in 1987.
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by L Jtan posted May 18 2015 7:28AM
If you are a golf lover and want to catch a glimpse of PGA great Tiger Woods up close, you could just volunteer to help with The Quicken Loans National. It's at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club from July 27 to August 2nd.
More than 20 committees will work behind the scenes. You have to commit to three half day shifts and buying a volunteer packet.
It includes: an all access badge, shirt, hat, food and drink vouchers and a parking pass. Check out for more.
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by L Jtan posted May 18 2015 7:27AM
Service dogs often help military with PTSD or people with other trauma, but part of training for two of them recently comes with college students. The ones in Williston, North Dakota get the help of Elliot and Buddy during final exam crunch week. The students got to pet them during the day to relieve stress and it helps socialize the animals.
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by Deirdre Blake posted May 5 2015 7:52AM
A Tennessee woman dared her Mom to kiss a random good looking stranger while running in the Boston Marathon.
She did and a the pic was posted on social media to find him. The Mom's response came from that man's wife though. She was very nice though and says "while this may not be the ending that you had hoped for, that spontaneous, silly moment captured the fun, energy and spirit of the race. The Mom vows her next marathon kiss will be with someone single.
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by Deirdre Blake posted May 5 2015 7:35AM
Most of us love the taste of a burger, veggies or a steak off the grill, but keeping the propane or charcoal stocked can be a pain. The makers of the new GoSun Grill are trying to make out cook outs easier.
It can bake, boil and roast meals for eight people using a sunlight-powered thermal battery. They say the grill will even keep cooking no matter how gloomy it is and you should not event need to flip your food. It's hitting the market through crowdfunding, for $349 to $599.
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by L Jtan posted May 4 2015 7:33AM
A pilot says he's ready for for a solo flight in a solar plane, from China to Hawaii.
André Borschberg will fly over the Pacific Ocean for five days and five nights in the plane that has more than 17,000 solar cells. It started in Abu Dhabi in March and has stopped in Oman, India and Myanmar. It's set to leave China on Thursday, weather pending. It will climb to the altitude of Mount Everest, almost 9,000 meters, during the day to get more sunlight, recharge the batteries and store more energy.
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