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by L Jtan posted Sep 29 2014 9:03AM
This new tech is aimed at students, but lets us all drive an underwater vehicle from the comfort of our living room.
The LiveDiver device from Reach-In is installed at the Aquarium of Boise in Idaho. By logging into livediver-dot-com-forward slash-control-the-sub, you can drive a mini-sub in the shark and fish tank. The tech is already used for iPet Companion, which lets you see and play with cats at 13 shelters across the country.  
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by L Jtan posted Sep 29 2014 8:50AM

 two State Fair of Virginia produce records have been broken right here in Caroline County. A watermelon grown by J.R. Brent of Lancaster County weighed in at 218.5 pounds. Hank Houston of Spotsylvania County broke the pumpkin record with one that weighed 1,203 pounds. Both of them were set during judging Saturday, amid thousand of visitors.  
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by L Jtan posted Sep 22 2014 9:41AM
A 93 year old woman from Virginia woman is a reminder to all of us to never give up. Jane Pickett finally has her high school diploma, 75 years after her graduation.
She got her honorary diploma after her family contacted the school. She finished her high school education in 1939, but got married on graduation day and didn't walk across the stage with her class. Now the high school sent her the diploma, a sash and some other gifts.
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by L Jtan posted Sep 17 2014 9:45AM
A concept to pay your respects to the dead first in Farmville, Virginia, and now in four other states might catch on, but sounds a little strange.
The drive-thru viewings are set up almost like a bank. When you pull up, a drawer comes out with a guestbook, music plays and curtains open so you can see your loved one. It might sound odd, but funeral home owners say it's helping the elderly that are scared of them or not physically able to come inside.
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by L Jtan posted Sep 17 2014 9:42AM
This should make meat lovers happy. Imagine this, over a pound and a half of Arbys chicken tenders, roast turkey, ham, corned beef, brisket, Angus steak, bacon and of course roast beef, piled on a bun. The "Meat Mountain" isn't on the menu,but was advertised and you can ask for it to be made. It's usually the most expensive on local Arby's franchise menus, at a whopping ten bucks a piece. 
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