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New Survey...Are You a Mean or Nice Driver?

by Deirdre Blake posted May 20 2014 8:04AM
The results of an Expedia survey of more than 2,000 drivers shows its pretty tough out on the roads and what you do could be adding to other people's stress. 
We get the top annoyance list from Tarran Vallaincourt. It starts with people using their phones, then tailgaters, multi-taskers, drifters that end up in your lane and people that are going too slow.
She says being courteous and paying attention can go a long way and keep everybody safe this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Remember, texting and driving is illegal and a primary offense in Virginia, but lots of people still admit to doing it. Think about this though, you might think it's one quick text, but so are half the other drivers on the road with you.
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05/20/2014 8:06AM
New Survey...Are You a Mean or Nice Driver?
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