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No New Developments in Possible Spotsy Abduction

by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 10 2013 6:39PM
Still no new developments in the possible abduction of a 12 to 13 year old boy in Spotsylvania's Hollybrooke subdisivision on July 4th. Sheriff's Captain Jeff Pearce says the investigation is still active. If you ever see anything in your neighbor hood, take action. If there is a suspicious vehicle, use your phone to take a picture and e-mail it to area authorities and call the police. 
The original witness tells authorities that the boy with a slight build and sandy blonde hair was wearing a red and white striped shirt and dark pants. He had either been riding a bike found at the scene or was walking with it, but the rear tire is flat. The witness also says a van pulled up, a man got out and grabbed the child, pulling him inside, as the boy held onto the bike, screaming for help. The suspect is described as a Hispanic man, 5'10" to 6' tall and about 180 to 200 pounds. He was wearing a black tank top and dark pants, both of which were covered in dirt and mud, as if he had just been on a construction site. The van is described as full sized and  medium blue in color. It has 2 swing out doors on the back and no window. About 2/3 the way down the door is a patch of a light colored bondo, leading authorities to think it recently had work done. The initial report to the sheriff's office is that the entire incident lastes about 10 seconds before the van left the neighborhood at a high speed.
Though there has still been no missing child report, authorities say they will air on the side of caution and continue to treat this as an abduction. Multiple other people say they have seen the child described, the black bike he was with and the blue van in the area in recent days.
The Sheriff's Office and FBI are aurging anyone that saw the incident or has seen the boy, suspect of van to call 911. If this could end up being a situation where the suspect is someone that knows the boy, they still want confirmation that the child is alright. 
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07/10/2013 6:39PM
No New Developments in Possible Spotsy Abduction
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