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I take over as soon as Steve and Jessica are done at 9am.  I keep Today's New Country, rolling for you to make your workday go by fast.  I was born in Phoenix, Arizona but grew up on Long Island, New York.  I've been in Radio for a long time.  I love the Fredericksburg area.  It's a wonderful town and the listeners are great.

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Posts from September 2013
by Paul Johnson posted Sep 26 2013 1:27PM
This is a funny story....enjoy.

O.J. Simpson Caught Stealing Cookies From Prison Chow Hall, Says Report

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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 25 2013 2:28PM
This young lady treats her fans better than anyone in the music business these days.  I've seen it up close.  I took my daughter to see her a couple years ago in Charlottesville, and watched her hug 200-300 fans over the course of the night.  And this story is another great example.  There are far worse people your daughter could idolize.  She earns it.

Taylor Swift Makes Things Better for a Young Fan

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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 24 2013 1:46PM
I was in Farmville over the weekend and found gas below $3 per gallon.  It hasn't hit that around here yet (thanks Northern Virginia) but it's getting close.  To see the best prices around here, click on News and then Pump Patrol, or just follow this link.

Pump Patrol

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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 23 2013 3:34PM
In his new song, he sings that he can't change the world, but maybe he can change yours.  Following that line of thinking, Brad is throwing it open to his fans.  Who changed your world?  Read more here.

Brad Paisley Wants to Know: Who Changed Your World?

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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 19 2013 5:00PM
It's parents weekend at Longwood University, and since my son goes there, I'm on may way.  I'm sure he's told his friends how cool his parents are.  I'm sure we'll do nothing to embarrass him over the weekend.  And I'm sure I've never missed another human being so badly over the last 4 weeks.  You have a great weekend, too.
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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 18 2013 2:05PM
My daughter is learning to drive.  I've brought her on to highways, driven at night, and in the rain.  But nothing prepared me for this.  Tuesday night driving on 218 in KG County.......with her behind the wheel....we hit a groundhog.  She did everything right.  She couldn't brake fast enough, and couldn't swerve into the other lane.  Not her fault.  But being an animal lover, she reacted the way most teenage girls would.  She cried.  And driving while crying is not an easy thing.  Not the lessen we were hoping for, but one we'll never forget.  Love you Baby.  It wasn't your fault.
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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 17 2013 9:54AM
If you walk through downtown Staunton, you might come across a big headed version of their favorite son, Woodrow Wilson.  WOODROW WWILSON!!  Can you imaging when the order came into the company that makes these things?  "Seriously?  You want a Woodrow Wilson?  Can we ask why?"  Anyway, why can't we have a big headed George Washington?  The Nats have one and he wins a lot of the races up there.  We need one, and we need it now.
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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 16 2013 2:14PM
With the Fort Hood incident still very much in memory, we get another mass shooting on a US Military installation.  The death toll continues to mount as the search for answers continues.
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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 13 2013 2:38PM
Seriously, I like Darius Rucker more with everything new I learn about him.  Watch this short interview from CNN and find out what he did with his first big rockstar paycheck.

Darius Rucker: I'm not Hootie

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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 12 2013 9:42AM
What does Miranda Lambert think about working with Keith Urban?  More than likely it's the same thing you would think.  Read and discuss.

Miranda Lambert on Keith Urban's Passion and Artistry

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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 10 2013 1:41PM
The Eagles carved through our defense with frequency on Monday night, and RG3 was ineffective for the first 3 quarters.  While I can understand his rust, I can't figure out why the defense didn't react earlier.  Everyone knew the Eagles were gonna through a "hurry up" at us, and we knew who their weapons were.  And Monday's game offers little or no defensive prep for this weekend when we face one of the best QB's in the league.  RG3 will be fine, but the defense needs to step it up. 
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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 10 2013 1:38PM
One driver is out of the chase, another is in after Nascar dishes out penalties for what they call a deliberate yellow flag late in the race.  Read about it here from
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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 10 2013 9:29AM
Going into Monday night's game, most of us would agree that RG3's knee and his general health were the biggest concern.  Yes, he looked sluggish and tentative in the first half, but seemed to be getting into a better rhythm in the second.  My biggest concern is the defense.  I have never seen an NFL defense get carved up in the first half like we did Monday.  Poor tackling was a huge issue.  And one of the NFL's best quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers, gets a shot at your young secondary this week.  Solve the defense, because the offense will hold its own.
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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 9 2013 2:01PM
Just a note of thanks to all the wonderful folks who spun the prize wheel at Chili Fest Saturday.  We were able to take a large group of winners backstage to meet Lonestar, and all they had to do was answer a seriesof True or False questions.  Judging by this photo, 4 out of 5 agree that it was a great day.
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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 6 2013 1:39PM
We all know that once you pick a grocery store line, the others start moving faster.  It's a miracle of science.  Also, 9 times out of 10, the person in front of you has some sort of card won't go through, price check, what have you.  But here is my top grocery pet peeve and it happens all the time.  It's crowded, but you're next in line.  Then, a new line opens up and the helpful checker announces, "I can take the next person over here".  The next person in line never gets that spot.  It's always the guy who was, like, fifth in line.  Aaaaauuuggghhhh.  Just once I'd like to hear the checker say, "Sir, I said NEXT in line, not fifth in line."  That would make me feel better.  Getting it off my chest has made me feel better already.
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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 5 2013 4:32PM
Dierks Bentley and his wife are expecting their third child, a boy.  Most parents worry more about our daughters, but Dierks is more worried about his son.  Specifically that his son will do some of the stupid things that Dierks did when he was a boy.  This is a good read.

Dierks Bentley: Gas, Matches, Fireworks and Beer

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by Paul Johnson posted Sep 3 2013 11:14AM
I have to admit that by name, I don't recognize either of the casting choices they made for the film version of "50 Shades".  But I'm guessing the movie's wardrobe department will be under worked.

'Fifty Shades' stars cast

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