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Phone Scam Preys on Senior Citizens

by Deirdre Blake posted Oct 1 2012 5:33PM
A once reported scam that targets senior citizens in Virginia and Maryland is resurfacing. 
Diane Richardson with the Charles County Sheriff's Office says it happens by phone and the suspects are sneaky. The person often has personal information and pretends to be a grandchild or a foreign official. They say they are jailed and need money to be set free.
The digital age is making it even easier to get personal information that makes the call sound even more realistic. 
Richardson says the scam artist has been successful in getting money in several cases.
Never give personal or financial information over the phone. Always verify that the caller is legitimate.
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10/01/2012 5:32PM
Phone Scam Preys on Senior Citizens
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10/08/2012 6:03AM
Scammers gone wild!
I did read about this at It looks like after being gone for some time, the scammer came back with a newer twist on the scam. Instead of targeting grandparents, some pose as police officers holding a relative because of a violation and victimize any member of the family. So everybody is advised to be cautious about anonymous calls. When you find it suspicious, hang up and report to authorities.
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