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by L Jtan posted Dec 12 2014 10:34AM
Planning to don your ugly Christmas Sweater today or through the holidays?
Lots of them are sold in the U.S. and abroad every year. is predicting sales of 30,000 ugly sweaters. If you are trying to go truly 'ugly,'s all about the embellishments -- the more garland, bells, balls, lights, and sequins you can attach to your sweater, the better.
by L Jtan posted Dec 12 2014 10:31AM
Can't imagine why you'd want to cook bacon naked, but if you do, the folks that brought us bacon scented pillow cases have got you.
J&D Foods is out with the novelty Naked Bacon Cooking Armor. It's made from a hard plastic shell covered wit
h foam then enclosed in vinyl. It's priced at $14.99. A company press release compares cooking and eating bacon naked equivalent of winning the lottery and scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl.
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 10 2014 10:42AM
Can you imagine finding a sheep in a red and green holiday sweater, made for a dog, wandering around your neighborhood?
It happened in Omaha and turns out his name is Gage. He apparently lives in a shed with two chickens when he's not inside the house. His human doesn't know how he got loose. She says he normally walks on a leash too and doesn't seen to mind his cozy sweater.
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Location : Omaha
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 10 2014 10:33AM
The Arizona woman that owns the ticked off looking cat that's become known as "Grumpy Cat" is enjoying her kitty's fame.
His real name is "Tardar Sauce" and he became famous after her brother posted the pic online and it went viral. Now he's been in ads, books and a movie. What's up next? A line of iced coffee called "Grumpaccino."
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Location : Arizona
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 10 2014 10:29AM
Kids can still get in trouble for eating in class, depending on the school. This Maryland student gets in trouble with the cops for sharing his though.
When the 17 year old's teacher saw him eating a brownie, she asked for a bite. The boy saideven though he knew it was a pot brownie, he panicked and gave her some. After she was later taken to the nurse feeling sick, he was charged with administering a dangerous substance and assault.
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Location : Maryland
by Deirdre Blake posted Dec 10 2014 10:25AM
Somebody did it again -- dropped a $1,000 gold coin into a Salvation Army red kettle. Just like last year, the South African Krugerrand was donated outside a suburban Detroit supermarket. A spokeswoman says it's worth an estimated $1,200. The donor isn't known, but similar gold coin donations are made at a handful of locations across the country every year.
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Location : Detroit
by L Jtan posted Dec 3 2014 8:26AM
Do you have a hard time deciding what you want on your pizza?
Good news could be coming to your area Pizza Hut someday. It's developed the new tablet-based "Subconscious Menu." Being tested in the UK, it syncs a customer's eye movements, after following a moving Pizza Hut logo on the screen. Then, it shows images of the chain's 20 most popular ingredients. After just 2.5 seconds, voilà! The menu reveals your "perfect" pizza.
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by L Jtan posted Dec 3 2014 8:16AM
They might make you gain a little holiday weight, but are you craving a samoa or thin mint?
Now you won't have to wait for a girl scout to come to your door or be in front of a local store. For the first time, they will be using a mobile app, with their parents okay, and you can have the cookies shipped to your house. They can also put up videos explaining who they are and what they plan to do with their money.
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by L Jtan posted Dec 3 2014 8:14AM
Still got some holiday shopping to do? You'll find The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2015 on store shelves.
It reviews the events of 2014 and has thousands of facts. New features include American Veterans and state-by-state election results.There's also worldwide health news and statistics on U.S. health care policy by the numbers.
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by L Jtan posted Dec 3 2014 8:12AM
It makes you wonder how much you don't like your options for state governor after at least one man in Texas wrote in Transformer Optimus Prime on the ballot in November.
State officials there say more than a 1,000 voters cast write-ins from Chuck Norris and Stephen Colbert to Harry Potter and even Homer Simpson. In the end Republican Greg Abbott won that race.
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Location : Texas

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