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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 2 2014 10:02AM
If you have to drive over the Cheapeake Bay Bridge to get to the Eastern Shore, Ocean City or Rehobeth Beach this weekend, but you're scared, there's a little help.
The owner of the Kent Island Express says lots of folks from commuters to travelers are scared of the bridge, 180 feet above the water. They'll drive you across and get you the four miles safely, just call them an hour before you get to the bridge.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jul 2 2014 9:57AM
It's a treadmill like you've never seen before... Putting you inside the video game universe. There's a company called Virtuix that's taking virtual reality to a whole new level.
They have a prototype for an omnidirectional treadmill,ut there's no belt. You wear special shoes and walk along a slick surface. As you walk and move it acts as a controller for any video game. It lets you walk, run and jump in 360 degrees and it puts your mind and body into the video game. The Omni can be pre-ordered online for $499.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 30 2014 9:35AM
When we watch the models on the runway, we might think they're beautiful or glamorous and maybe rich, but it looks like the price to pay may be just dessert.
New York police say a runway model there was caught trying to steal Pop-Tarts and other sugary items from a local supermarket. Store staff saw the 23 year old stuffing the Pop-Tarts, cake mix and other stuff into her purse and pockets. She's been sentenced to one day of community service.
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by Deirdre Blake posted Jun 30 2014 9:26AM
If you're looking for a job without success or just planning to jump into the hiring pool, you'll probably like this Canadian man's creative approach. Graphic Designed Brennan Gleason wanted to separate himself from the pack, so he brewed up a four pack of craft beer he named "Resum-Ale."
Then he made labels for each bottle, that featured snippets from his portfolio. His entire resume was printed on the outer box. Of course he landed a job fast.
by L Jtan posted Jun 30 2014 9:23AM
 If you had your morning coffee today and you're sipping another cup, don't freak too badly about it, as long as it's not loaded with high fat milk and sugar.
Scientists at Rio de Janeiro's Federal University say black coffee, in moderation, may keep your teeth from rotting. The antibacterial property in some coffee beans is being directly linked to stopping tooth decay.  
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