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My Dad was in radio, by age ten I was spending all of my Saturdays hanging out with him in the production room.

 I've been on-air all over the country and am happy to now call Fredericksburg, VA home.

It's now my job to let you know every day from 2-7 how long it will take you to get home along with playing some great country music.

Trevor Carey 



by Trevor Carey posted Feb 25 2014 1:44PM
I was at the trash compactor at my complex this morning and I held the heavy door open for an older woman. I stated to her, "I've never held a trash door for someone before." As she walked away, (obviously noticing my NY state plates on the car), stated back, "We'll make a Southern Gentleman out of you." As I got in the car I told her, "Born and raised in Tennessee." Perception is not always reality.
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02/25/2014 1:44PM
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